The Sex Machine

The Sex Machine

My name is solonova and I am 24 years old and I have had sex with 2065 ladies.I know what you have in mind,that am probably an animal that loves sex and does not regard God but you are wrong to an extent,I love God and I believe in him or maybe I used to,sex for me is not for pleasure but survival.
This is my story….

My real name is Solomon Matthew,my Dad is a pastor,and my mom an evangelist, I was given birth to after their 10 years of childless marriage,I was loved and cherished and taught the way of the Lord, I loved God and believed in him,I was the brightest at children fellowship and won prices for the Church in Bible competitions,my parents loved me and always said that they are proud of me,sometimes they even call me a miracle.

I wanted to grow up innocently like every other children,and serve the lord diligently and become a gospel musician cus my voice is very angelic and I intend to use it for God,I wanted to grow up and keep myself away from sex until I am married to God’s will for my life,I wanted this kind of life and I envisioned it in my mind and cherish the thought of it.
But that is all it was,dream. Dreams that never came to reality, as it is said, you don’t always get what you wish for. But how did this happen,that’s the million dollar question. Follow me as I run you through it in the next episodes…..

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