The One Friend – Episode 1



‘You are my soul mate, my world, my life. I can’t imagine a life without you. I will forever be thankful to God for the day our paths crossed. Like a bandit in the middle of the night you have stolen my heart. You are such a blessing that I don’t think I deserve. I love you very much even more than you can imagine, Boma’.

These were the exact words of Tom to Boma in front of Balewa hostel on Saturday night after choir practice at the campus fellowship in Unilan. Tom had fallen in love with Boma the first day he joined the fellowship and saw Boma lead the praise and worship. According to him, he had been enthralled by her beautiful voice which completely melted his heart and enraptured him to her.

Boma on the other hand had confessed she was also attracted to him on the same day ‘I remember on that day I almost stuttered when I saw you in the pew coupled with the way you were looking at me.’

Their relationship became so popular that everybody in the campus acknowledged their love and could bet that the duo would be married to each other in the future.

Boma and Tom had won the best couple awards both at the faculty and school level. What gave them the  price at the faculty level was the picture Tom and Boma had posted on facebook, a picture they took on Boma’s birthday where the two   were wearing blue jean trousers  and white T-shirts boldly monogrammed in blue  ‘My soulmate’ on Tom’s  shirt and ‘My luv’ on Boma’s shirt.

In the picture, Tom’s hand ran across Boma’s tiny waist and Boma’s head was slouched on Tom’s shoulder.

The second picture showed them locking lips with each other with Tom’s hand wrapping around Boma and Boma’s body pressing tightly with Tom’s like it was glued with 200 Naira superglue.

The video that Tom posted on Instagram and Facebook was what got them the overall best couple in the campus.

Boma had refused to see Tom, she neither picked his calls nor responded to his messages sequel to the altercation they had over the accusation that Boma had been flirting with John, her course rep. Tom confronted Boma over the rumour making round that she was seen coming out of the school guest house with John. ‘I thought you were different, little did I know that you are just as cheap as Okabique girls.

I regret the day I fell in love with you. I don’t ever want to have anything to do with you. He stood up as he made to leave her in Balewa quadrangle. “please let me explain’ pleaded Boma. ‘We….’ ‘sh………’ Tom quickly interrupted; keep your lying tongue to yourself. Pictures don’t lie, the two of you were captured holding hands and laughing with each other in front of the guest house.

Do you think the fool you consider me to be will believe the lie you want to tell me? ‘What exactly is your problem? Scowled Boma.  ‘Does it mean you don’t have any iota of trust on me?’ ‘ It’s only an idiot that can trust you after seeing this picture’  Tom snapped as he forcefully thrusts the picture to her. ‘Why won’t you allow me to explain? We didn’t go to the guest house to……’ ‘ sh….sh…. hang it there.

You are such a pathetic liar’ He added disgustingly before he deserted her in Balewa quadrangle. Boma couldn’t believe Tom would think so little of her. She never imagined she would come to the point where Tom would insult her in such a heart wrecking manner. Tom had been her first love and the first man she had made love to.

She just sat at the quadrangle too embarrassed to stand up as she had already become a cynosure to other lovers at different corners of the quadrangle. She finally stood up and walked into the hostel when she noticed a guy coming towards her, whom she believed was coming to play the hanky panky pity card on her.



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