Rising With Tolerance

Rising With Tolerance


Sometimes you are sentenced without guilt, yet you accept the pains.
They cry without tears, yet you feel empathetic.

You Fail without an examination, yet you accept the blames.
They win awards without any competition, yet you don’t reserve your appreciation.

You grow without food, yet they throw banana at you.
They pilfered from your little, yet you don’t regret your silence.

You always listen to there lies, yet they call you a liar.
They always go to church with big bible, yet lack to understood the Gilgal experience.

You understand without learning, yet they call you a fool.
They learn much more than they ever know, yet you appreciate their prowess.

You speak the truth, yet they don’t believe in you.
They hurt you but you never cried, yet they call you a weakling.

They live in their present, yet wish you a long-term uncertain future.
Stop deceiving yourself, you are indeed  strong and tolerant.

As dead flies give perfume bad smell, so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honour.


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