If tomorrow never comes remember I’ll always be there for you

See the day may be fast and busy for us not to see each other, but

Always remember that you are always on my mind, so go ahead

Live as if am always there for you, remember my love for you is

A commitment…a pledge to take responsibility to stand by you

No matter what, remember is an assurance so keep your heart at

Rest never allow it to wonder into the land of thought losing me

For I’ll always be there just call my name I’ll be there.

I don’t want to be a memory in your heart but I want to live right

There in your heart so never allow the fear factor of losing you to

Crept into that heart of yours, remember is a commitment a pledge

That most and will be kept by all means in all ways so friend cast

Away that gloomy face and let go the thought of loosing me for to

You I’ll always remember. I’ll fly like a bird, soar like an eagle, run

As swift like a jet, remembers is you I’ll return to.

Remember when friends are advising and given the idea to call it

A day never allow third party to come in between us, because you

And I must make a path we must bring salvation back when there

Is love I’ll be there remember I’ll reach out my hands to you I have

Faith in all you do just call my name I’ll be there remember let those

Words be in your heart that I’ll always be there for you all the way

All time and everywhere is to you I’ll return.

Don’t go away from me cause the you’ll bid me goodbye you and I

Will stop to exists so think twice before you leave but remember I’ll

Always love you stay with me and you will see that is for real.

Remember I love you is a pledge

Remember I care is a responsibility

Remember I adore is commitment

Remember I be there is a promise

Remember no one but you.

You and I must make a path

we must love and kindness where there is love

I’ll be there I reach out my hands to you

I have faith in all you do

just call my name I’ll there…. remember

If tomorrow never comes

I’ll always be there for and you alone

‘cos no one but you.

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