Police versus Twenty Naira

In the past have written about the state of the nation as a whole but now I will be talking about the whole sector separately, the first will be the police force so come with on this journey as we travel into the world of the men in black.

To protect and serve with integrity that is the motto they swear to uphold peace in whatever situation that might come across them in the discharging of their duties, providing security of life and property but the question today, is it that same way today?

They were train to serve with utmost honesty and integrity never indulging in an unshadded dealings that will tarnish the image of the police force upholding the truth and protecting lives and property.

Today they’ve left what the learn in the police college moving from faith to falsehood, integrity never there watch word any more void of conscience “it is require a steward that he should be found faithful” they’ve lost faithfulness marching onward to falsehood, corruption with a questionable character.

Just take a stroll along the road as if you’re going somewhere along the street major roads you see them the men in black harassing innocent citizens going about their business ‘legal business’ always on the look out for innocent victims instead they are their harassing who should not be harassed while the main criminals walk by.

Now it has become a routine, the men in black and the statutory twenty naira (N20) now it has become their second identity, sometimes I wonder does it mean that they are not paid at all or where they train in the police college of how to extort money from those they ought to protect.

Is it nothing to you that you flag down that citizen inside his/her car motorcycle that is the less privilege citizen and you flag this person you’ve done all the check or search and you found no fault yet you still held him/her asking for a bribe in your own way “oga anything for the boys” as if you don’t collect salary…so absorb think on this!

Tomorrow you go to their office (station) on cardboard paper you see it written boldly police is your friend…indeed, a friend that will compound issues for you and take to his hills when trouble times come calling also when you go to their office you see another one ‘bail is free’ yet you pay to bail someone out of their custody. Hmmm so engulf with twenty naira

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