Men Cry Too

Men Cry Too

Your late mother
told you “men don’t cry”
stack by stack
you carved it into soul
you allowed it rule you
deeper and deeper.

you bottled up like a ghost
against the thaw life belched
on you to bear not to complain
only if you understand this
logic … “Men do cry too”

Childhood illusion: men don’t cry
Peer’s fable: boys don’t cry
-Men do cry also
Wells of water do fall from
their cheeks.
They face troubles also
They face rejections and heartbreak
like you.

They seek for shoulders to
lean on every night
and pour out their souls
Into the dark loneliness because
They feared to be called cowards

When tossed here and there by life, boy
Cry out for a hand
Don’t be stuck in between
Call out!
There is always a vacant shoulder to
lean on.

Yours Poetically,
©John Chizoba Vincent

One thought on “Men Cry Too” by john chizoba vincent (@johnvincent)

  1. tobechi74 (@tobechi)

    men do cry. not loudly or visibly .inwardly,their heart bleeds. good one

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