Identifying the binary thinker near you

Identifying the binary thinker near you

Binary is a term used to describe being in a state
of one of two mutually
exclusive conditions. Binary thinkers are individuals
who classify any
idea,concept or people into completely opposite
group and in some cases
labels one group positive or good and the other
negative or bad . they
think in terms of black or room for middle
or grey. They are easy
to spot by their vocabulary. They tend to use words
such as never,always,
none, etc.

Most binary thinkers perform well in school. They
scaled through a grading
system and where gender,height or connection
plays no imacadeoever scores
above a certain mark( let’s say 200 in
jamb) ,passed and is assured of
admission. One who scores less loses admission.
Those who passes are called
brilliant.those who failed are dull.they transfer this
system of
measurement in other aspect of life. They fail to
understand that I this
yardstick is not always applicable In real life. A dull
child could cheat
and pass. A brilliant child could fail due to falling Ill
on exam day.
A binary thinker excell through this pattern.they are
creative,talented and are good writers. They
possess critical thinking
analytical skills.their highly developed logical minds
makes it difficult
to consider emotion in decision making. Emotions,
,loyalty and favoritism are viewed as wrong and
would never be considered
but talent and merit would be considered behold
projecting ideas,rules and

Such thinking pattern is encouraged in areas where
there us strong
adherence to rules. Binary thinkers excel as referees
in sporting
competition and in security and exchange
commission. They also thrive well
in music,movie,literature, academic and research
department. They generally
climb up the ladder in government agencies but
rarely in business. This is
because most business transaction involves
compromise which binary thinker
is unwilling to participate in.

They have a tendency to have a things their way.
Their rigidity makes them
engage in frequent disagreement with thesuperiors and subordinates.they
insist on challenging authority engaging in shady
act and would not
compromise .he would rather resign than do
something g they consider as
unethical. When he gets tired of fighting the goods
fight,he quits.

Don’t be surprised to find them changing job.
Notable example of individuals with h such pattern
are Jose mourinho and Dr
okonji iweala.
Binary thinking has many effects on an
individual.their crave for
perfection leads to stained relationship. They have
few circle of friends
making them loners. They can. Very disappointed
when things don’t go their
way leading to depression. Their preference to stick
to one or two views
narrows their perspective.. Such limited perspective
leads to difficulty in
adapting a new idea and high resistance to change.
They would rather stick
to old habit. They are poor in conflict resolution dye
to their inability
to get either party to compromise. In most
cases,they side with one side
and condemn other side thereby escalating the

Binary thinkers are unwilling to change. They can
only be managed.first
agree with them that the system is unfair. Life itself
is unfair. Rain
falls in both the good and bad.secondly, explain to
them that it is better
to be effective than to be fair. It is difficult to be
encourage them to use middle terms such as warm
(instead of hot or cold).
Middle aged instead of (young or old) sometimes
instead of (always or
Ask them open minded question such ad can one
be good at maths and Terrible
at English? Does that make the person a terrible
person academically?
Question like this tend to open their mind and make
them less rigid.

Binary thinkers are not bad. Infact, no single
individual is entirely good
or bad. Each of us have carry within ourselves
bunch of weakness and our
strength.we need to maximize our strength while
been aware of our
weakness..virtue lies in the middle.

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