I am Africa

I am Africa
I am the first of our kind
I am history
I am tales a million years old
I am over one billion people
With over fifty countries.
I am great, a mystery
Bathed by the great waters of the river Nile
Baked by the heat of the glorious Sahara.
I am over one thousand languages and culture
I am the pride of the ancient
The pride of my ancestors.
I am an ocean of wisdom
A fountain of knowledge
I am a sage.
I am greatness. I am a king.
I’ve been robbed
Made a slave physically
Made a slave mentally
I never broke, I healed.
I am black, melanin.
I am the awakening, the third eye.
I am the first, the original.
I am life itself, beside me is none.
I am the greatest.
I am Africa!

4 thoughts on “I am Africa” by Michael (@Ordeezy)

  1. This is awesome dear!!! Africa is the strongest of it’s kind. Nice one. More ink to your imagination

  2. I love your work, speak greatly of the continent we’re in. If only we know what we are made of.

  3. Real stuff.
    I am Africa
    Africa is Me.

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