Harvest Of Remembrance

Harvest Of Remembrance

A moment will come when it will all pay off

When that years of toiling and working

It will be like a dream of a night

Like a thunder bolt it will hit bow

You will be remember all everything


Harvest of remembrance

See you have to work till dusk

Even when you are not recognize

Keep at it from dawn till dusk

One day the effort of yester years will pay off


Till the ground toil till night

Work the walk from sunrise to falling down of the sun

Even when the sun refuses to shine

Burn the night candles at both end

Harvest of remembrance is coming for you


When the world will stand in standing ovation

To remember someone who has withstood odds

To come thus far leaving everything behind

To chase the dream of coming to face the crowd

With a success story it begins with you


Get busy go the mile walk the work

Dream as much as you can yes dream big

Dream of what you want to become out of life

Be real don’t fake it, follow due process don’t cut corners

Make sure you arrives your destination irrespective of the odds on the road


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  1. femimicky (@femimicky)

    thnks.. u inspired me, though check your spellings next time though

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