A Forgotten Harvest

A Forgotten Harvest

Long ago in a distant land

Land was left to his own fate

Letting go of activities because of her ground

Refuses to yield result talkless of reaching harvest

A forgotten harvest


The world left her to herself

Like a book that left the shelf

Let to self pity loneliness became pains

As loneliness becomes his father pains his mother

A forgotten harvest


Let to withered out in the season of dryness of the land

No one to offer irrigation in the midst of winter

Winter flows with dryness and heat that choke up the seed

That never allows it to die down into the ground talkless of spring forth

A forgotten harvest


You think the world has left you and gone their ways

You wonder when Mother Nature will send her family

Called luck on your way to pay off the labour of yeastier years

A forgotten harvest long ago

A forgotten harvest


Irrespective of the land refuse to yield her increase

Keep planting, keep tilling the crowd

Although the fig trees will not bring forth her fruit

Although everything is fallen apart and think you can rise up

Never relent in your effort because a forgotten harvest…a harvest to remember


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