Wake Up Mylv

The night is far spent

As darkness awaits the dawn

Darkness waits creation dawn

The cockcrow has crow

Ushering the dawn of a new day


Waking my sunshine

In the sunshine of the day

Radiating in the glorious sun of the day

I look forward to the day when we be together

To wake up beside you with a kiss


I pray for His will to be done

The will of God in our relationship

God will bless you for me

Dear all what you lay your hands on will work out fine

Wake up mylv


Baby get up and lets get ready

I will swing the curtains wide open

For the sun of the day to shine through your purple’s eyes

Nkem open up your eyes

Is the dawn


Wake up mylv…God bless you and be with you

Wake up mylv…is a beautiful day

Wake up mylv…time waits for no one

Wake up mylv…am so grateful to God

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