Road to Fame

“krrrrr” ( alarm rang). I woke up and glanced at my golden table watch” its 8am” I said solely with white flakes in my tiny eyes. I jumped down from my bed and moved hurriedly to the bathroom. I cleaned myself and put on my cartoon silver shirt with a black dirty jean and rushed down for breakfast. My parents and little sister were already in the dining room.           “Good morning mum and dad” I greeted with a warm smile.   “Why are you late?” Mr. Wilson my dad asked.   I briefed him the cause of my lateness and he ordered me not to repeat the same again. Mrs. Rose Wilson my mum served us our meal. While eating, we heard a strong knock on our secured iron door; I rushed to open the door at the same time thinking of who it was.   “mmmh” I groaned. It was my father business associate, Mr. Chukwu, he was on a shinning black suit, ash and red fashion tie, and a black trouser.            “You are welcome sir” I greeted him humbly.   “Thank you” he responded with a brief smile on his greasy face. He walked in majestically and sat on the brown sofa waiting for my dad. After my meal, I mingled with my friends. I love music so much, so did my friends.    “Let’s form a musical group since we have passion for music” I said dramatically. They accepted my ideology and we created a musical group “Dreamer boyz”. From then, we started composing songs and rehearsed together. I loved Paul, Olumide, Mubarak, and Emeka, they were wonderful people though, they came from a poor home. I visited my dad’s office the next day but couldn’t see him; but I met his secretary who addressed me with civility.   “Your father is in a meeting and he does not want to be disturbed” the secretary said calmly.   I sat on a stool hoping he would round up his meeting; I was so close to the door of his office hearing every bit of their conversation.              “I will sign this contract just because I trust you, don’t let me down” my dad stated.              “I’m assuring you that I will not disappoint you sir” his business associate guaranteed.   “Congratulations” my dad complimented. As I heard footsteps coming towards the door, I quickly adjusted myself as if I heard nothing. “James, what are you doing here? Anything you want we will talk about it at home, okay?” my dad uttered.   “Okay dad” I responded groaning.  Around 7:45pm, we were already in the dining room, having our dinner. I paused for a while, communicating with my mind if to inform my dad about my musical aspiration. I adjusted myself, took a deep breath and told him my intention.          “Dad”

“hmm yes” he responded.    “Do you love music? I asked in a gentle tone.    “Ooh yes son, I and your mother love music” he replied with a broad smile.    “Why did you ask?” My dad asked as he paused from his food.              “Because I love music too” I responded with so much fear in me. With the scary aberrant smile on my dad’s face, I knew I had bitten the hand of the lion.   “Don’t tell me you aspire to be a musician?” my mum said. On hearing that, I felt as blue as I saw my father on a weird laughter that wrecked my heart.             “He can’t mean that, my son is a good boy” my dad stated in a loud tone. Suddenly, it appeared as if I was thrown into a deep sea with sharks feeding from my flesh.             “Don’t even think of becoming a musician because dad will not accept” Beatrice my little sister proclaimed with a brief smile on her face. I couldn’t controlmy emotion, my heart wept, tinkled and ready to burst; I picked up my phone and ran up to my room.        “You better talk to your son because I will not allow that to happen” my dad exclaimed. My mum and Beatrice came to my room; they tickled me and pleaded with me to grow. I was speechless, as I looked ill and sick with the words of the lion. My friends and I gathered for our rehearsal the next day, I told them all that happened without omission, with tears dropping from my innocent eyes.       “What are we going to do? Mubarak asked gently. We all paused for a while thinking of remedies. My friends were such a great fighter; they persevered to succeed which they impacted in me. We continued with our rehearsal till we concluded that it will be moved to Paul’s abode. My precious mum, who after the incident had been a shadow of herself, she was in a deep taught that even when my friends and I walked in, she didn’t know. I stayed behind while my friends walked straight to my room. I taped her right shoulder and her response scared me.  “Mum, are you okay? I asked calmly.   “Nothing son, I’m okay” she responded.   “My friends said hi to you but you didn’t respond? I said in calm tone. “Ooh I’m sorry, I’m sure they are in your room”

” yes mum” I replied.  I knew deeply that something was wrong, because I had never seen her that way before. she later served us pounded yam with egusi soup which we ate instantly; we talked a little and had fun till sunset. ” gban gban gban” the sound of our door that almost made me fall from the steps. I rushed for the door and it appeared to be my dad. My friends and I greeted him but he didn’t respond, he looked so tired and weak.            “It’s like you had a hectic time at work today” I said in a low tone.    “Get me a glass of water” that was his response.   I waved bye to my dear friends, hoping to meet them the next day. By the time I brought the glass of water, my mum and little sister were already in the sitting room watching a Chinese movie I never liked.    “James, wont you join us?” my mum asked.    “You know I don’t like Chinese movies” I replied in an anguish tone, as I went up to my room, expecting a musical program by 11: pm. At exactly 11: pm, I rushed down to the sitting room never to miss a bit of the program. Fortunately, they’ve all gone to bed. STAR HUNT as it was written boldly in our TV set. I adjusted myself to comfort and began to watch. STAR HUNT was one of the biggest talent show in the country, and had always been a dream for me to be there one day and to be known all over the world. The beautiful voices of the contestants glued me to my seat until I began to notice a shadow of someone.   “Who could that be? I asked myself in fear.   I was scared, thinking it was my father, I pretended as if I saw nothing and continued to watch the program with one side of my eye. You can imagine how relieved I was when my mum spoke.   “Son, you are watching a TV program by this time of the night” she said as she came down from the stairs.     “Ooh mum, this is my favorite TV program, please allow me to watch” I pleaded on my knees; she smiled at me and returned to bed. I saw different participants with amazing talents, I thought of my ability, my friends, and my dreams. I looked so nervous because I knew my dad would hinder, as for my mum, a cool woman like an angel. As tears revealed its identity through my innocent eyes, I thought of my grandpa’s motivational quote “Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting”. My late grandpa was a great man, “how I wish my dad is like him” I said solely. I controlled my emotion, pulled myself together and wiped the tears from my soaked eyes.   “I’m going to make it. Me and my friends, no matter the pains, we’ll get there” I said emotionally.   I was still in deep thought when my mum walked in to the sitting room, the TV was still on but nobody was watching. She moved towards me, waving her handsto my face, but I was gone in thought, until she taped me on my shoulder. Vividly, it appeared as if I lean on an electric pot.   “Oh my God! What are you thinking son?” her honey voice got me glow; it was as if an angel woke me up from my grave, throwing questions one after the other.  “What is wrong with you? I’ve been here since 5mins ago, right in front of you, you didn’t even notice” she said. I was speechless, confused at the same time.              “Oh mum, I was only preparing for school, remember dad said I should bring the list of my needs to him” I said boldly. My mum paused, looking at me with a brief smile on her face that asked so many questions. I was worried because it appeared she knew I was lying, but as a smart guy, I quickly turned the head of the bottle.   “Mum, I know I will pass my jamb, trust me, that’s why I need to get all my needs early.” I couldn’t believe that I packaged such lie. My mum said I should have waited till morning before doing my calculations, she also said that I should stop disturbing my head instead I should make use of the calculator. She walked me to my room and gave me a sleeping tablet which she referred to me as a pain reliever. My mum was so nervous because she knew what she did; she came up to my room in the morning wetting my face with cold water.

“Son, its 9: am and you are still on bed, get up” she yelled. I was so tired, couldn’t believe I slept till 9: am. She told me to join her at the dinning immediately.    “Mum, I dreamt” I said. She turned back slowly and sat beside me.   “Can you recall the dream?” she asked “Yes… I dreamt that I was all alone, everywhere was so white, suddenly, I saw stars, they all surrounded me and sparkling, lifting me up, and then… I woke up” I narrated dramatically.   “Wow! My mum astounded, she paused for a while and told me to meet her at the dining room. I had my bath, and rushed down. It amazed me that my dad didn’t ask me questions. My mum cleared her throat, gazing at my dad, moved her food aside, and briefed him about my dream.           “Ooh! The images are of good one. You see son, your grandpa’s friend is an herbal doctor and a dream interpreter, he ones taught me about some of his tricks. I can interpret the dream to you. You see son, you are a lawyer on a case at the Supreme Court, the stars sparkling signifies justice, knowledge, and integrity, and you been lifted up signifies that you will be a famous lawyer and definitely a judge in the future” my dad stated as he laughed loudly. My dad was like a villain in a movie, he didn’t even emulate his father. My dad later ordered my mum to take me to my grandpa’s friend place at Agege who was an herbal doctor and a dream interpreter.         Later at noon, my friends came to visit me, it was as if they knew I needed someone around, I didn’t tell them anything about the dream. We interacted and watched some movies till late afternoon.  Around 6:30 pm, my mum and I left home for Baba’s place; he welcomed us in an entertaining manner. After exchange of pleasantries, I revealed the dream to him. Baba looked into a water pot making incantations, and after rounds of consultations, he closed the water pot and turned to us.  “Don’t be scared my son, I’m not a native doctor. This is my fore-fathers work and it’s a gift given to me, I believe in God too. The dream you had is your future. You are going to be famous, well loved, respected and become a wealthy person, but you need to be very careful, I saw perilous object in your path. Continue with what you love doing, be prayerful and never give up”. After listening to what Baba said, I was elated knowing well that I’m on the right path. We showed our humble gratitude and left. “I believe in myself that I can overcome any challenges in life. I have strong faith in God because he is the most merciful, the sustainer” I solely said. It was a different story when we got home. My mum revealed everything to my dad. He did not support instead his dream for me was to become a lawyer and that Imust be. Sometimes I did ask myself if my dad was actually my father. My heart was battered, I was emotionally weak. My mum couldn’t control her tears and immediately left for the kitchen.

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