No One Is Totally Broken (Flash Fiction)

I looked at the faces present in the room, I shook my head, none of us can be saved, this gathering is a useless one, as if reading my mind, the instructor said.
“No one is totally broken, and no one is beyond repairs, this gathering is not about what to do or what not to do, in order to get rid of your addictions, it is for you to share your pains and make sure you don’t burden yourself with something so trivial…..”
“Trivial!” James snorted, he looked worse than always, the bags around his eyes had become bulky, everyone turned his way, but he wouldn’t meet our gaze, instead he stared blankly at his shaking hands.
‘This one is past repair’ I thought to myself. For someone in over his head on crack and weed, it’s a miracle he had not decided to stop coming. This gathering is not a total loss after all, now I know I don’t want to end up like James.
“Let us call it a day” the instructor hadn’t finished his statement, when we all got up to leave, like zombies, we dragged our skeleton shaped body out the door. “We will meet next Monday?” he said after us, silence was all he got back. “Monday it is then!”
“Hey Mister! Mister!” someone shook me gently.
“Hmm?” I blabbered
“Are you OK mister?” I could ask the same thing of her, walking around bare footed.
“Yes, why do you ask?”
She came closer with an umbrella, protecting me from the rain. And for the first time I realized I was soaked wet.
“I was watching you from over there” she pointed to the firm across the road. “And I was wondering why you didn’t run from the rain. My friends think you are crazy, are you?”
Tears rolled down my face, do I tell her I wanted to commit suicide, I tried to speak but she stopped me.
“Come with me, you can tell me all about your troubles”
“I found someone as my anchor, in whom I placed my focus” The instructor said, “I was once like you guys, worse maybe, but here I am. Your anchor doesn’t necessarily have to be a person, it could be a craft or a hobby you love.”
“I love writing and reading novels” James said, “I love video games” I chipped in, soon the room was filled with voices of people who had locked themselves away from the world. “OK guys! Why don’t you all go home today, and do that thing you love, come back next Monday with some mouth sizzling stories”
“See you next Monday Mr. Daniel” James was the first to leave the room, this is the first time I saw him happy about our next meet up, and so was everyone. I guess the idea that everything is going to be good is uplifting.

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