Mad Game

“Honey, I’m sorry. I can’t explain what pushed me… we did it only five times… ever since I’ve been wanting to stop, but I just cant. I’m so sorry, don’t know what pushed me into cheating on you…”
“Hahaha, no honey… I know you’re joking. Me too I’m just pulling your legs. Sorry for having asked you that sort of sensitive question. I know you are a good woman, just wanted to pull your legs… I know you can’t cheat on me babe…”
“No honey, I did… I have been… I’m so sorry. Please forgive me!”
“Shut up woman! I said you did not cheat on me, plus I’m not enjoying this joke anymore”
“But baby, I’m sorry… I have…”

I couldn’t take it anymore, So I stormed out of the room where I was having a heated argument with my wife. What actually happened that very day was that I had earlier placed a bet on my wife, with my friend Chike that she (my wife) cannot cheat on me. Chike was so sure that no man or woman can be trusted that much, but for me, judging by all the holly stuffs that my wife indulged, her day to day fasting and bible studies? I could swear on her behalf that no other man beside me has ever seen the colour of her pants…I even married her a virgin o. Chai! Chike has killed me ooo.

I’m finished! Only if my wife understands why it must not be true that she actually cheated or has been cheating on me. Chai! I knew it. I was told that betting could land me into serious trouble one day but I didn’t heed it. It all started with bet9ja during my school days o. At a point I had to stake my final year school fees for a champions league final match, which I of course lost, as Chelsea defeated their opponent to lift the Champions league trophy that very unfortunate night, against all odds—which is why I so much hate Chelsea up till date. If not for my friends who contributed from their pocket monies I wouldn’t have written my Degree Exams eventually.

It didn’t end there o, when I was serving in Zamfara, I had to stake the contribution my CD members made for our community Development project and of course I lost it again, and this time it was my landlord’s daughter whom I used to dash my left-over provisions that smuggled me out of town before my angry mates could descend on me… this was how I ended up not completing my NYSC oo.

Chai! This time around, I have graduated from bet9ja along with my friend Chike, and we had decided to step up our game to gambling with higher stakes and more serious and unconventional things. Imagine, I’d staked to relinquish my wife, while my best friend Chike had betted to part with ten million naira that my wife is not the faithful Christian believer whom I’d believed she’d been all these years. For me it was a very sure bet considering the fact that my wife is virtually too religious for that kind of something. Chai! Chim ooo!

Do you know that Chike even took me to one Amadioha shrine down town, to swear to comply with whatever happens to be the outcome of the bet, but I was so blinded by trust, that I underestimated Amadioha? I was so sure of my odds that I even suggested that we also swear that Amadioha should strike the loser of the bet mad, and Chike gladly agreed.

I called Chike a big fool for being foolish enough to have offered to stake as much as ten million on my wife’s fidelity even after knowing how religious she is. We had concluded on the bet and I was ready to chop my awoof ten million before my wife started singing a different song, when I pretentiously told her I knew she was cheating hoping to have her flare up and react very disappointedly for my not trusting her—instead she broke down and started apologizing. I wish she could just understand what is at stake now and tell me she was joking. But from the look of things, she is very serious.

To be sure, I had taken her phone from her—something I had never done since we got married, and I have gone true her inbox, only to discover this particular number that had many threads of romantic communication with such unbelievably dirty and flirty responses from her to whoever. Suddenly I decided to call the rouge’s number on my own phone… My God, what I saw… chai! Chi mooo. Efu o moo! Can you believe that this same number was also saved on my own phone as Chike? The same man against whom I’d staked the bet?

Chai, I should have known this when he went as far as conniving with Amadioha. I was blinded by greed and the evil spirit of gambling. I just wanted to get rich quick! I was hoping that God understands, even when I followed him to Amadioha’s shrine for the oath taking. Now I’m stock face to face with madness. Please advise me, what do I do to escape the wrath of this deity?

Thanks for reading!!! Just fiction… hope you got something from this flash?

Darlington Chukwunyere
Founder of Viddawood.

4 thoughts on “Mad Game” by Darlington Chukwunyere (@Darlinscript)

  1. Dinah (@ChidimmaOji)

    awww…, that was too extreme. How long is your madness supposed to last.
    Very nice. I enjoyed it

    1. Lolz. Wouldn’t know how long the madness would last… But you’d sure know, once I’m done madding (smiling).

      Thanks for your support Dinah

  2. Jon Doe (@just2day)

    Hahaha, that was the best bet he ever made. It’s a win win. Got a good laugh out of this. Good piece

    1. Hehe… Indeed a win win. Thanks Jon

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