Jealous Spikes

Her face, smooth as a mirror,
Clear like a cloudless sky,
Calm like an undisturbed pool
Reflects a beauty unrivalled

Smiles were her adorning spice
From her pinkish-red lips it flowed
Succulent like Strawberry and Cherry
Creating a ripple of joy there-in

Then came the spikes of scorn
Rearing up their ugly heads
Like thorns among roses
Trying to shroud her beauty in futility

They were like stones and gravel
Sitting on a tantalizing meal
Reducing the appetite of hungry men
Yet, not deterring them from eating it

Trees can’t grow in desert
Darkness can’t conquer light
So her endowment by nature
Can’t be diminished by Jealous Spikes.

®Emeka Oji-Dike
©August, 2017.

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