I Know Why An Average Nigerian Doesn’t Smile

I know why an average Nigerian doesn’t smile
His stomach hurts from hunger
And his throat drier than the desert
His heart is heavy and full of worries
His mind is as the wall clock working day and night
He has no house
Only the old wrapper he laid on empty street.
He was a victim of injustices
And this made him to hate the law
The hospital is not for his sick body
Only a sure six feet grave that cannot be denied a corpse
He is deserted and he travels a lonely path.
His wife sees him a lesser man
And his children are always crying of basic needs
He has loads of debts tied around his neck
Like the pendant of a popster neck chain
His responsibilities keep multiplying
Than his meagre income could carry.
He sees your fat smile as mockery
And your promises of help as deceit
Your kind gesture is for a reason so he thinks
And your gifts as an exchange for another four years of suffering
His leaders thought him this
And he sees all leaders as the same.
Smile is never an average Nigerian man’s thing
Even if he does
It is not from within.

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