Fantasies Of My Heart

She gives me sweet pains
She makes me cry for joy
She makes me laugh painfully
She’s the girl between my feelings

She’s a rose hidden in a forest
Whose beauty and fragrance wastes
Like the Sun’s rays behind a gloomy cloud
Paralyzing my veins by her presence

She’s a goddess of goddesses
Beauty bows before her essence
Her voice shrinks the song of birds
Her skin outshines the morning Sun

Her heart is clothed with diamonds
She’s more genius than Shakespeare
Her wisdom surpasses that of Solomon
The Sages come to learn at her feet

She’s a woman soaked in virtue
Harangue is her own spell to fools
She tames the lion with her smiles
She’s the woman I want to serve.

®Emeka Oji-Dike
©September, 2017.

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