I could hear drizzling water as I approached where I thought to be the entrance of the town. No other sound could be heard but as I got nearer, I caught a very deadly scent. It seems an animal has been dead for a long time,how could a dead rotten animal be left anywhere close to the border?. I checked the time,it was 2:15pm ,I sighed. Only God knows what awaits me in this town.

The thought of going back kept ringing in my head, but the mussel of curiosity overshadowed it. I moved forward and walked for about thirty seven minutes or less before I saw a rooftop. “oh Lord guide my feet ” . Then I had this strange feeling , how could a town be this dead quiet by the time of the day. Fear started gripping my head. “You’re a man, Sam you are a man”

I lurked in to the pocket of my jean to at least check out my phone, sadly it was dead. Five minutes walk again and I was inside the town, if it was really a town. I caught the sight of a man lying lifelessly beside the first house door. The scent was now really strong that I had to remove my shirt to cover my nose. I didn’t bother to check for handkerchief cos i know I probably might not have one. With the deepest melancholy ,I walked down to him and tried to turn him over, it was then I realized he wasn’t the only one lying dead,there were many others, there were lots of others, there were everybody. I looked round and I failed to admit that the whole inhabitants were dead. Am I the only living creature here? All their bodies laid lifelessly beside each other, goats on goats, poultry birds, dogs, horses,….all dead.

what might ve happened??

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