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The knock was soft and hesitant with a hint of trepidation. She took a deep breath calming her beating heart. Delicate fingers rested against the cross carved into the solid oak door. The smoothness of the wood beneath the skin of her fingertips sent a slight tingle down her spine.

“Come in.”

A voice filled with promise floated through the door falling onto her small ears, each one adorned with a dangling cross. Quickly she ran her hands along her auburn dress smoothing out wrinkles that didn’t exist. With the form fitting silk ending at mid thigh it didn’t take long. The door swung open on its own accord.

Taking a shaky step into the office, she nearly stumbled as her 6 inch heel sunk into a plush Pierre Frey carpet. She was oblivious to the wealth she currently crushed beneath her shoe, her eyes completely swept up by the man more than a few feet away from her. It had been less than an hour since he had stood above her asking the multitudes to pray. Hundreds of people had separated her from his visage. Now nothing lay between them but space and furniture. The large desk hid much of him. What she could see still sent her heart racing. A handsome face sitting on a set of broad shoulders able to hold the weight of the world with ease. Even in his suit, she could make out hints of a well chiseled chest. Thoughts of tracing her finger along his upper body came unbidden, her mind slowly sinking into fantasy.

‘Sister Ifunanya how may I be of service?’

From a dream Ifunanya woke up. Hearing her name from his lips caused a faint heat to travel up her neck, the thought of how he could call her name never crossing her mind.

BOye… no, sorry, I mean Revered Fath…’

Before she could finish her sentence Boye cut her of.

‘Ifunanya, here you can just call me Boye

Hearing this the adulation in Ifunanya’s eyes grew even stronger. The man in front of her barely looked 25. Almost calling him father when she herself was only 22 made a blush creep onto her cheeks. The blush grew stronger till she remembered why she had come here.

Like lightning her face fell, strength leaving her legs. Ifunanya felt herself falling unable to summon the strength to keep herself up.The ground rushed towards her. Eyes closed she braced herself for the physical pain that would soon join her emotional one. It never came, only the touch of strong arms wrapping around her body stopping her descent. Opening her eyes she looked up at her Savior. It was BOYe. Tears falling from her brown eyes she buried her face in his chest uttering two whispered words.

‘I’m pregnant.’


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