Wet Roads Of Benue

Wet Roads Of Benue

To Christopher Okigbo
To Chinua Achebe
To Wole Soyinka
To JP Clarks
To Habila Helon
A measure of time past
I am part of your dark side

To this wayward side of this wet Benue roads, children had learnt to be naked leaving their thoughts hang in the air,

Cattle and herdmen
Death and people
The watermarks upon our woes.

Before the moon belched
And the wind sneezed loudly
After the sun unmasked the empty roads
The wetness of those roads split our innocence journeying from Enugu to kogi, and cattle, the roads companions;
retracing images of forgotten land.

Wounded dust groans
Grasses quake in communal voices
Journey testes like a sour chicken,
Like a village defeated by war,
Like a burning passion of hatred.

Those wet roads are the cause of our hunger Games and no politicians seen crying as the children are dying!

Forgetting the food basket of the land
Is forgetting our tomorrow in the hands of hunger!

Yours poetically,
©John Chizoba Vincent.

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