We Once Cried


In the agony of the night

We hid in our shame,

Clothed in our fear

And bathed in our tears.


Our heart bled

Our soul wept

Our knees crept

And our hands pled.


We saw hell

We slept oppressed in our cell.

We couldn’t yell

‘Cause fate on us like rain fell.


We danced in storms

Ran through thorns

And comforted ourselves in songs

That stayed in our tongues.


Things fell apart yet we stood

Firm as a rock.

Rain of words soaked our emotions

Yet we came out dry.


We came out like the rising Sun

And Grace radiated on us.

We bloomed and smiled again like Sunshine

And saw our pain no more.


The table turned around

Our agonies, we heard fled town

And our sorrows were no where to be found.






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