The Multi Million Business – Episode 2



Pastor Mathew was in a beautifully furnished hotel room wearing a boxers and was sitting on the bed and behind him was a fair lady wearing a lacy pink bra that revealed her avocado sized breast and a matching G-string pant that exposed smooth fresh looking buttocks was kneeling on the bed behind the pastor, massaging him. Sugar, do you like the way am doing it, asked the lady.’ Yes, your hands are really soft and smooth and the way you do it sends chills down my spine. Hmmm……, continue, come closer and press your body on me. Suddenly, the room’s intercom rang. ‘just ignore it, continue, come to the front and give it to me the way you usually do.

The intercom kept on ringing until he got angry and picked it up. ‘Is that how you people behave in this hotel, are you stupid or something, when a guest does not pick your call don’t you know you should stop calling. In fact, I will check out of here tonight, what nonsense!’ ‘Sorry sir,’ the receptionist said on the other side of the phone. Scheeeew! Sighs, Pastor Mathew  and bangs the phone. ‘can you imagine these people, you pay to have your peace yet they would not allow that’. ‘Don’t let them piss you off so much, sugar, come here let me calm your nerves, sit here.

As he made to sit down, his cell phone rang. ‘Hello Deacon Abel, when are you coming? I have been waiting for you. ‘I am at the reception, the lady here just called your room, oh sorry, I didn’t know it was you. Come upstairs, first floor, room 211. Okay, the deacon hangs up. Baby, my deacon is coming’ Okay, let me dress up’ ‘don’t worry, he is also coming with his own babe. Just continue the good work’SS. Few minutes later, Deacon Abel was at the door.

Pastor Mathew opens it and let him and a young slightly dark lady in. ‘make  yourselves comfortable at the couch.’ He points them to the couch, he picks up the hotel intercom directory and dialed 811 ‘I need a bottle of Remy Martins and a bottle of Carlo Rossi, room 211. You are welcome, how are things? Everything is fine pastor, first I have to get more comfortable like you. He stood up spread his arms beckoning the lady to undress him. She obediently undressed him, leaving him only in boxers. The deacon reciprocated by undressing the lady, smooched and pressed her in different areas and asked her to massage him as he sits.

Deacon Abel opens his briefcase, ‘general offering at today’s service was 290,000, tithe 580,000, seed was 850,000, thanksgiving offering 400,000, making a total of 2,120,000. ‘that’s good’. I have paid the agents the agreed amount to find out what has happened to the lady that you told her mother is the reason why she is not married at her age. I asked them to investigate the families and backgrounds of our new members so that you can know what to prophesy next Sunday. The other boy that we told that his father is the cause of his constant failure in life was reported to have killed his father and he is currently detained in the prison’.

‘That is unfortunate’ said pastor Mathew. He should have waited for us to deal with his father our own way. So what is the condition of the lady’s mother’. She is currently in the hospital and the doctors diagnosed her of heart attack’. ‘Very good, in that way she will feel that our prayers are working and that God is punishing her for her sins. The two ladies were all the while busy massaging and listening the men.

He opened the wine that the hotel waiter had already served them. ‘Am happy, let us drink and merry to our multimillion business.’ They drank, sang, danced and banged each other on the same bed.


Pastor Mathew is seated behind a huge desk of about 3 feet high and 5 feet wide. In the office is standing a beautiful shelf that contained a lot of Christian literature, hymn books and different Bible versions. On his table is placed a laptop, two big Bibles and an opened jotter with a pen placed in between it. ‘pastor, the next person to see you is miss Onyedi Nwoke, said the church sexton who also serves as his secretary. ‘let her in’.

As he left, the pastor adjusts the collar of his shirt and took a more serious look. ‘Stop there’! He ordered Onyedi who just entered his office. ‘your mother has refused to confess and because of that God is angry with her’. Yes pastor, as we speak she is in a coma at the hospital. ‘God is a consuming fire and He has released His wrath upon her, if she refuses to confess, God said I should tell you that she will die’. ‘But pastor how can she, now that she in coma?’

Abubuketeke, aketekebubabu…..’ the pastor spoke in tongues. God said her spirit has not agreed to confess, that is why she is still in coma, whenever her spirit accepts to confess, she will wake up and immediately be healed after she confessed.’ Pastor, I really feel very sad that my own mum did such terrible things to me and my father. I really hate her for that, but I wouldn’t want her to die.

She is my only family. Please pastor, I want you to pray and convince her spirit to confess. ‘tatatatatkakakakyayayay, takayatakayakakatatayaya’. The pastor spoke in tongues again. ‘seed, yes lord seed. God said I should tell you to sow seed to show how serious and willing you are about saving your mother’. I will, pastor, but I don’t have enough cash on me right now’. ‘ That is not a problem, at all. Do you have your ATM here?’


To be continued


                                                                                                        Dinah Oji

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