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What is going on? What is wrong with you? Onyedi, am talking to you. Why are you packing your things and where are you taking them to? Onyedi ignored all of her mum’s questions, kept putting things into her box and humming a song that says the holy ghost fire should burn into ashes all those that work against her success. Her mother, Agnes stood confused watching her daughter’s sudden rudeness towards her.


Ten years ago, Onyedi and her father, Nwoke, were travelling to PortHarcourt to process her admission. All chatty, smiling and laughing at each other. ‘I will buy you a new car, ones I graduate and get a job’.

Nwoke smiled,’ that’s my Angel.’’ I will build you a duplex and take you and Mum on vacation to the US every summer’. ‘May all your dreams come true my darling’. ‘Daddy slow down, you are over speeding.’ I think the brake has developed some faults but don’t worry I will control it’ Nwoke said, unsure if he was able to calm his daughter who was obviously panicking already or if he had just increased her fears. ‘Daddy please control it’, she said very afraid. God please save us, save us, Daddy, please mind the lorry in….. Jesus! She screamed.

Before she could finish her sentence their vehicle had already collided with the lorry. The car completely destroyed and the two unconscious. Some of the cars plying the road stopped and one volunteered and took them to the hospital.

On reaching the hospital, the doctors reported Nwoke dead as they tried to save Onyedi.

In the Intensive care unit of the hospital, Onyedi was placed on a life support machine as the medics waited for the arrival of her mum who had been contacted with Onyedi’s phone.

Agnes entered the hospital looking totally unkempt wearing a rough hair, rubber slippers and loose gown. Quivering,  ‘My name is Agnes, someone called and told me that my daughter and husband are here’. ‘calm down , follow me to the doctor’s office’. A lady dressed as a nurse in the front desk of the hospital took her to the doctor’s office.

‘Doctor, please tell me it is not as serious as the man that called me sounded’. ‘calm down madam, everything is under control, right now we need blood to save your daughter’ ‘Am O+ likewise Onyedi, I will donate my blood.’

’ We still need to confirm your blood group if it is really O+’ I understand, please go ahead. Ten minutes later, the nurse was ready with the test result and it was positive.

After she had donated her blood, she insisted on seeing her husband whom the doctor had prevented her from seeing for the past thirty minute. ‘Am sorry for the delay, we needed you to save your daughter first, because we were afraid you may not be in the right state to donate your blood after you learnt that you husband passed away in the accident’.

Agnes couldn’t comprehend it, she tried to convince herself that what she heard wasn’t what the doctor meant. ‘ I don’t understand, Doctor’. We are sorry; we couldn’t help him because he had already died before he got to this place. Agnes couldn’t cry at that moment, she didn’t know whether he should hold the doctor and force him to resurrect her husband.

She was completely shocked and numb for some seconds. ‘Nooooo….., Nooooo……, it is not true’ she screamed. Crying, ‘Why me God? Why my husband? Why my daughter? She was taken to the morgue in the hospital where the corpse of her husband was laid, covered with a white cloth and nose stuffed with cotton wool.

Agnes began another wailing, cursing and questioning God. ‘Why should you allow my husband to die? What crime did we commit that you have so ruthlessly dealt with us? God answer me. What crime did we commit? She cried’. Stop crying ma, God is not the cause of human trouble, rather it is the devil who comes to steal and destroy. Put yourself together and be strong for your daughter’. Agnes demanded to see her daughter.

When she got into the ICU and saw her daughter lying in coma, looking so pale with oxygen mask fixed to her nose and syringe on her ribs, tears flooded her face like an over flowing bank. She brought a seat close to Onyedi’s bedside.

‘I can’t believe this is happening to me, my beloved and vivacious daughter in coma, my husband dead. Can life be more cruel than this?’ please dear, you have to wake up from this coma, you are my only hope in this world. You must not go the way of your father, you are all I have left in this world.

She kept telling her how much she loves her assuring her that she would make her the happiest girl in the world. She kept the apostrophe on for three days, sitting right beside Onyedi. ‘Oh my God’!  She jumped up from her seat. ‘My dear, you are awake, this  is a miracle, thank you God’.

Onyedi made to ask what happened to her. ‘no, no, no, don’t say anything yet, let me call the doctor’. She immediately rushed out and appeared with the doctor who examined her. ‘what is happening to me doctor, I can’t feel my legs, am I crippled?’ she asked anxiously. No you are not, but will not be able to use your legs for some time. Crying ‘mum, he says am crippled’. ‘No, you are not, it’s just for a while’. Tears welled in Agnes eyes as she tried very hard to prevent them from trickling down.

Don’t worry, mummy will help you to recover pretty soon. Agnes took good care of Onyedi all through the period she spent on wheelchair. She would cook and serve her food, bath her, wheel and carry her to the toilet. She kept on supporting and encouraging her making sure she prevents her from being depressed the whole time. For many years after her recovery, the two of them were each other’s best friend and confidant. They were more attached to each other than ever.


Onyedi am talking to you, what has come over you? ‘You want to know what has come over me. What do you think? Do you think you won’t ever be discovered? You witch!’ ‘Jesus Christ!’ Onyedi, did you just call me a witch?’ Yes, you are a witch!

God revealed to my pastor that you are the reason that am not yet married at this age. You  were so jealous of the love daddy was showing me that you went to a witch doctor and got the charm you used in killing daddy and preventing me from getting married. But I tell you, your charm has failed because the power of God is greater than the power of your charm’.

Agnes felt like a sharp arrow was piercing right through the center of his heart. ‘How could you say a thing like that to your own mother, onyedi’ You know you are what I love most in this world and cannot wish you anything less than the best.’

’You are a hypocrite, am leaving this house. I can’t stay with a witch. Light and darkness have nothing in common’. Agnes felt like the world has just collapsed on her. Feeling tired and helpless, ‘how can my own daughter say such horrible things to me’?

my pastor is a man of God and cannot lie. You are a witch and unless you confess you will die. My pastor has already asked God to kill anybody in the way of my destiny. You better go to the church and confess’. Onyedi, none of the things you are saying to me is true.

Scheeew…. Onyedi sighed  and slammed the door behind her. Agnes was shocked at what just happened, her blood pressure rose very high, felt dizzy and suddenly collapsed.

The neighbors who saw Onyedi carrying a box and a bag, looking very angry and the same time dishing out abusive words to Agnes became very curious. What  is happening, Onyedi? Asked mama Ebuka  their neighbor. Go and ask my mum and leave me alone. Snapped Onyedi.

Mama Ebuka rushed to Agnes house only to find her, sprawled on the floor. Help! Help! Someone help. People gathered at Agnes house, got a taxi and rushed her to the hospital.


Pastor Mathew was in a beautifully furnished hotel room wearing  a boxers and was sitting on the bed and behind him was a fair lady wearing a lacy pink bra that revealed her avocado sized breast and a matching G-string pant that exposed smooth fresh looking buttocks was kneeling on the bed behind the pastor, massaging him. Sugar, do you like the way am doing it, asked the lady.

To be continued


                                                                                                Dinah Oji



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    hmmmm this is really interesting, I can’t wait to know the cause of onyedi’s sudden change of attitude towards her mum. Thumbs up to you Dinah, am really enjoying ur stories, next episode ppppppplllllssssss

  2. Dinah (@ChidimmaOji)

    Thanks Aijay. The next episode will soon be published

  3. This is a beautiful piece . I love the interlude . Can’t wait for the next episode

  4. Dinah (@ChidimmaOji)

    Thank you Nkemjika. Am glad to know your thought and excited that you enjoyed the story. I will soon post the remaining episode(s). thanks again

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