The Devils Lair – episode 1


episode 1 .

Saturdays are usually special for most Nigerians . It’s mostly an off work day for corporate employees and possibly a time to relax .
For some others , it is a perfect day to fix an occasion like a wedding or naming ceremony . It gives everyone an opportunity to come.

I was at my friends house on Thursday morning .
Jobless me.
We had discussed everything ranging from bobrisky to hushpuppi and the convo couldn’t stop . This is usually how I and Matthew talk .
Matt had gone to buy coke for the both of us from “ mama Ebube “ across the street and left me in the room when a black big and beautiful lady walked in . She was just thick and had this air of seduction around her
I love thick girls o ! See how I was salivating my “ hi, good morning “!
“ is Matt around ?”, she asked as we exchanged pleasantries and she walked in .
“ oh yes ! He is around … he’s coming” , I replied curtly , all the while fixing my eyes on her distracting chest region .
She caught my gaze and gave me a seductive and lip smacking look .

My chest started doing me somehow ! .

“ I cannot miss this girl “, I thought as I looked at her beautiful shape enclosed in a floral print gown . Her light blue eyes and impeccable gap tooth kept me dazed.

It was like I was bewitched !

“ you are handsome “ she looked at me seductively again and smiled .

My entire body was now doing me somehow !
I could swear that my dick had shot out of my khaki shorts and the bulge was very visible .
“ lemme give you my number “ , she smiled again and dipped her hand into bag .
She brought out her phone and a folded paper .
“0”…..”9” ….”0” “, each digit sounded like a raffle draw ticket .
She had called it out and then handed the
Folded paper to me .

“ Can you be an usher for my wedding on Saturday ….?”

If there was a moment when Jesus said “ it is finished “ in the Bible , I have a feeling he saw this day coming .

My bulge deflated like a tube balloon burst by 300 knives , daggers and machetes .
“Wedding keh ?” I had almost blurred out as the body immediately returned back to normal .
I kept up appearances though and behaved like I didn’t hear anything or did not feel pained.
“… you are Matilda… I guess? ..”
“ yes dear …. would you agree to help a sister out ? I really need you around “
The way the word “ sister “ sounded to me was like drinking pap without sugar or milk .

“ I would come …. anything for you my sister “ , I retorted with some sarcasm in my voice .

It looked for a moment that my chance would blow out at that moment . This beautiful girl I was hoping o have some great time with was jumping into the hands of another man in two days time .

Tueh ! My ancestors will weep at my misfortune

But I had other ideas …..

Matthew had come in and introduced his “ cousin “ to me and while they chatted , I sipped my coke and gave Matilda a cynical smile .

I would attend that wedding …..
a wedding that would end up defining my life forever !….



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