The Bad Road


Murmur. You could hear it from every angle emanating from the audience waiting desperately for the crucial moment.It has been like this for the past few minutes with cops at strategic location ensuring that law and order is maintained. Amidst the audience were the defendant’s mother, his wife and his 13 year old daughter glancing at her father who is scheduled soon to appear before the judge. The proceeding was soon to begin,with the defendant’s counsel already seated at the front. His briefcase, filled with documents of the defendant’s case is right beside him and every now and then, he would pull out some of the files to review them. Few minutes later, the judge arrived and the proceeding commenced. Few minutes into the proceeding, the statement they’ve all been waiting to hear was finally pronounced.

Bako was having fun with some of his friends at a nearby restaurant.He had been smiling and enjoying himself throughout the period because some of his friends just got promoted at work but on approaching the main door of his house,he frowned his face.It has been like this for the past four months and every time he remembers his situation, he would just clutch his fingers very tight in his palm.His landlord had earlier threatened to evict him from his 2bedroom flat situated around the axis of Kubwa and every time he sees his six months notice staring at him on his front door, he feels dejected.Just the previous day, his 13year old daughter had come home crying because she had been the only one singled out amongst her friends for not paying school fees.Being a contractor, Bako is well aware of the fact that unless you have influence or know people who have influence, there is probably no tendency of getting a contract with a worth of #800m from the state government. After running around for few months,it downed on him that there is actually no way of getting the contract without an inside man.Out of good fortune, he was introduced to Engineer Sado who is a friend to the commissioner of works. Being a close friend to the commissioner, Engr Sado knew all what needed to be done thus promising to help him and in return, he is going to be paid a 15% of the contract sum. With no where to go and left with no other option, Bako agreed to the terms and conditions and meanwhile,Engr Sado was cautious enough to back the agreement in a court of law as a precaution to a breach of contract. He knew that if men are exposed to money, they become unruly.
On getting the contract, Bako changed his telephone lines, offfice address before relocating to a new neighborhood where he thought he could easily get away.Engr Sado later got tired of his calls being diverted to voice mail whenever he tried contacting Bako but due to the fact that there is no such thing as”something for nothing”,everything changed.

In the early hours of a beautiful Tuesday morning, Bako woke up when he heard his phone ringing. He is not use to being called in the morning and besides, he actually did hate it. On answering the call, he heard a strange voice at the other end of the line and he began to panic.few minutes into the conversation, his singlet got soaked with sweat with his heart pounding inside him.
“What’s going on?” asked his wife who had been listening but couldn’t grasp why he was sweating.
“It’s nothing” he replied after ending the call.As soon as he finished speaking with his wife, he dashed into his bathroom to take his bath before going to work.
At the entrance of his office building, he saw a fierce looking man wearing a black suit with sunglasses coming towards his direction. He tried hurrying inside the building but he was soon stopped. After introducing himself as someone who had come to deliver a message, the man asked Bako to do as he had earlier been told. Bako couldn’t quite figure out who the man was and after doing some digging, he found out that the man is a subordinate to Engr Sado. He was very surprise and couldn’t believe how he had managed to get hold of his telephone lines and office address. With his family being threatened, Bako knew that more problems will be coming.
After trying a series of strategies which have proven to be ineffective, Engr.Sado decided that the court would be the best place to resort to. Being an enforceable agreement that they had both entered into, he had the right to go to court to enforce it.
After filing charge against Bako, the court adjourned the case to get more evidence about the charges put forward.
Two months later into the investigation, the court discovered that the contract had not even been executed and the money was no where to be found.
“Oh my God!!!!” said Engr Sado after hearing the court statement.He couldn’t believe that an honest man like Bako, could do such a thing.
After being tried and found guilty in court, Bako is to spend five years in confinement

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