Poetry (what Poetry Is All About)

Poetry (what Poetry Is All About)


Poetry is that one spirit
telling a madman
to cross a busy road
with his eyes closed.

Poetry is that one thread
hiding below the root
of the big Iroko tree
refusing it to retire.

Poetry is that one button
pinned to the center of
this big universe that
builds phlegm on my lips.

Poetry is that one sole
that holds the leathers
of my heart together
even when it gets crushed.

Poetry is that one curtain
I draw open in my ears
to hear the black owl make
warnings of the dangers ahead.

Poetry is that one eyed ant
that speaks to me in big
proverbs and parables which
I cannot comprehend.

Poetry is that one man
that burns my lightness
with black and red candles
as my hairs grasp darkness.

(26TH DEC, 2017)

One thought on “Poetry (what Poetry Is All About)” by Temidayo Opeyemi Jacob (@mayorjake)

  1. Michael (@Ordeezy)

    Beautiful 👏

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