( after Achebe’s remembrance)

We opened our book of remembrance with a
Blissful kola nut from Ogidi,then poured libation
On that same ground that once held our eyes of unity.
Your photograph is that which hung on the wall
of my heart parted by walls of your wisdom and thoughts.
You saw how the moon peeped through the leaves
Uniting our shadows as you loosened your buttons
Showing me the path between two mountains;
Smooth sand of precious stones sparkled on your softness..
You’re a gem in the heart of poetry figures of now.
Okigbo was but a zealous fellow of your domain.
Sorrow will be the Joy of tomorrow when Okonkwo
shall return to enquire of those who called him weak.
what makes up the poignancy of your stars?,
what make the radiant cloud relish clement despite
the inclement rain that once betrayed you ?
The most beautiful colour which paint an imminent
memory in my heart are found in the palette of moment
By the imageries in things fall apart and am eased.
if before you get to the soothing roost of opulence,
We’ll remember you as a man of the people,
you did never sail through the thickness of reverberated gloom,
We’ll not allow the children to fondle sky with fear like
Ikemefuna did through dogged consistency and tugged persistency .
the sweatness of tomorrow shall becomes the sweetness
of today, and the sun and the star shall supply from your thoughts.
When shadow of discouragement overshadow our reflection,
We’ll search through the mirror of courage in ‘there was a country
and see the encouragement in the image of your vision.
I have counted the stars for Ezeulu without a mistake,
Obi Okonkwo wIll be here with a clattering breeze to flutters his
irrevocable bluster. We will journey East again but this time
With a drum of hands and whistle of mouths to tear down
Awka with a vocable melody of caress, and remind them of
the photograph of your deeds still dangling in our eyes.

Yours Poetically,
©John Chizoba Vincent

One thought on “Photograph” by john chizoba vincent (@johnvincent)

  1. Afolabi Muideen Adewale (@AfolabiMA)

    Beautiful! Beautiful! The two novel mentioned are in extirmity of greatness. When i read them, i felt that i was reading novel for the first time. ‘ A man of the people’ is also of great measure.
    Till tomorrow, brilliant is Achebe. Brilluant is your gem too!

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