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It is not too early to PLAN 2018

It is not too early to plan 2018. Yes, your employer has grudgingly released your December salary which has now put you in the position of buying gifts for people, enjoying Christmas without restrictions and having loads of fun till the new year. But remember to save some cash, sufficient enough to keep body and soul through January as it always seems like two months in one. So, plan wisely.

It is not too early to articulate your goals for next year. To know what skills and influence would take you a step higher. It is not too early to find those videos, courses, books, institutions and people that can help you reach your goals. You can begin the research, the cost analysis, break those big plans into micro plans that can be achieved day after day, week after week, and year after year. Success is not by happenstance: most times, you have got to be deliberate, strategic and give it all it takes.

It is not too early to make yourself very happy and break free from relationships that are not adding to you in any good way. For how long would you keep carrying a heavy log on your neck? Wear a smile, take yourself out and for once, treat you like a king/queen. Devise a strategy to keep your distance from what is not working right. Surround yourself with people that make you real and happy. Happiness most times is by choice. Choose to be happy.

It is not too early to lose weight, to examine your health status, to be careful of what you feed your mind and body. Health is truly wealth as dead bodies don’t build dreams. It is time you planned a food time table that is less of carbs and more of vegetables and fruits; how to exercise weekly at least for an hour.  Don’t live by chance: live with purpose and proper planning.

It is not too early to find love. Of what use are your awards and achievements if there won’t be anyone to share them with? Get out there, be friendly and kind, meet new faces, interact with good old friends. Being in love is part of being alive and healthy; don’t let the world pass you by while you keep trying to change it alone.


It is not too early to plan on how to achieve spiritual development, financial development, academic development, socio-psychological development. There is nothing wrong in planning towards a year you have not seen yet. This, for me, is faith because it takes true faith to hope for a good life to come with deepest assurance of it becoming. It is not too early to plan to become the best of you!

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