I Have Known Girls

I Have Known Girls

I have known girls from the hood
Like the back of my palms.
Short and tall girls with bowl legs,
Skimpy and calm girls with pink lips.
Those that have fears and those that
have no fear in their eyes for men.

I have seens girl from the hood
Like I see my nakedness at morn.
Hot girls and cold girls I have known
Those that kill men, those we tickled
and they laughed away their life in joy.
These girls made us who we are.

I have dated girls from the hood
Those that has steps to every beat
Atilogwo, bata, Gelede, and bolojo
I have known girls and their nagging lips
Sending the beat of madness into the
Memories of teenagers in the abyss of grave.

I have kissed girls from the hood
Black and pink lips girls from the hood
When you see the images of those honeyed
Damsel, they make men shy away
From their beautiful sinful faces.
Girls are sweet sin in the eyes of men.

I have known girls of lust and shame
Those that wake up with stretch mark
On the corner of their lips and those with no fault
Those that are wife material and those that are not
Those that beat men and those that love men
I have known girls from the hood.

Yours Poetically,
© John Chizoba Vincent.

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