How Pastors Lead their Kids To Hell

“But dad, I want to go and watch el-classico by 4pm ” he said with his faced squeezed with disappointment. he continued,

“I have been in church since 8am till 3.:pm attending Sunday school, service,choir. rehearsal and youth meeting. yet you want me to attend bible study again. Even Jesus would get tired.

I understood him but wasn’t keen on letting him miss Bible study like that. so I quietly. asked him.

” Jesus wouldn’t get tired. he preached for hours.he advised us to pray without ceasing. ” I reminded him in a gentle manner. I continued ” are you tired of church of more interested in the soccer match? I inquired.

“if I attend,I won’t be listening,my heart,mind body and soul would be occupied in the football match. I would be hearing but not listening. waiting to escape.praying for the match to end.” he responded quickly without a pause. u wasn’t going to loose this discussion

” you are a pastors child and…….. ”

he didn’t let me finish before interrupting.

“” it is all about being a pastors child. you are the one who was called by God not me. I have been labekkrd a christian without caring to know if I desire to know Christ here In an forced to live a label I didn’t choose. your label. act in s certain way because I am a pastor child

it was my turn to fume,I couldn’t believe these words were coming out from my sons lips.

” Get behind him Satan” I shouted with all my strength.
instead, he continued

” Satan is not inside me. you are the one Satan is using to make me hate Christianity. whenever something is forced on you,however beautiful it is,it becomes ugly. pressurising me to pray and go to church against my wish makes me dread church. The bible says it us worse for one who leads another away from Christ.You are leading me away from Christ.”

with that he left to viewing center to watch el-classico . I didn’t try to stop him. i had no intention of continuing with the discussion either for fear of
receiving another blow. he was fully prepared. He has been harbouring these thought for a long time it was obvious I had lost . this was the first time he had won me in a discussion. I saw truth in his words.
ever since, I no longer force my kids to attend church program.

3 thoughts on “How Pastors Lead their Kids To Hell” by tobechi74 (@tobechi)

  1. Michael (@Ordeezy)

    This is so true. Pastor children are slaves to their father’s title

  2. tobechi74 (@tobechi)

    yea, by pushing too hard,they pull children away

  3. Levuz (@Levuz)

    A realistic tale.

    However, watch your tenses and spellings. @tobechi

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