Behind The Scene

“I don’t know how I got here, I don’t know how I became suicidal, all I know is I want to end everything “, said Bayo, his voice hoarse from crying while speaking to the only man bold enough to walk up to him from the onlookers.

“I might not understand what’s happening to you, I probably did not go through the hell you went through but you don’t have to do this, this – this is the devil’s plan for you please don’t give in” the man replied in a pleading tone.

“I don’t care what the devil is planning, I can’t take it anymore, the depression, the heart break”. Bayo’s chest huffed as he spoke, tears sprang to his eyes threatening to spill.
“But there is more to life than just this, you can make it better. “

“Better? My life is already over!”Bayo shouted, tears streaming  down his cheeks. “I can’t endure the pain anymore.” He added after a moment.

“Sir please just leave the edge of the bridge, we can sort this out”, the man begged.

A strong sea breeze blew, making him to nearly lose his balance. It was as if the sea agreed with what he was about to do. He quickly gripped the rails as heaves of terror from the crowd slowly turned into murmurs.

“Oh it seems like you don’t understand, it took me years to find a job and a monster I loved took it away from me , she damaged my heart now I am back,worse than where I began, now I swim in a river of debts , being self- employed isn’t working out for me, I have lost everything, everything ” Bayo explained.

“Drowning yourself isn’t the answer sir, you…” the man began but Bayo interrupted.

“Do me a favour”

“Anything that would get you off that edge.”

“Listen to me and tell my story to the press when they arrive “

“But – but, no sir!” the man protested.

“Just shut up and listen ” Bayo screamed.


“Bayo are you set to roll? Okay, meet me with the cameras in the recording room, we have 5 minutes before we go live,” said an ebony,slender lady with a small, sharply defined face and long, dark hair.

Bayo gawked at her gorgeous curves outlined in the red, fitted dress she wore. He quickly caught himself before she noticed him staring.
“Okay, Eniola let me get the equipments from the store room I will be with you in a jiffy.”
The lanky, light-skinned man of average height ran to the store room.

Eniola grinned smugly to herself. She still had that effect on him, she thought.

In the recording room, everyone got on set with Bayo behind the camera. He shouted:
“Camera rolling, lights, count down to Air 4…3…2…1… and we… are LIVE “

“Hey…. there, this is your host Eniola, thank you for tuning in to another exciting episode of “TALK ABOUT LIFE ” your daily dose of life hacks.
Well, I have been doing this for months now and the web audience is crazy, your replies to our weekly videos and the comments are hilarious as well as mind blowing, it’s great to know that I am…. I mean we are impacting positively on people’s lives.
Alright, alright then down to the package we have for you today, today’s episode is something special.
I got an email from a viewer a couple of weeks ago, after reading this heart felt message I was touched and thought I should share and talk about this today because it is really important and it’s what’s going on in our daily lives.

The topic today is based on relationships, well there are different types; work relationship, parenting relationship, down to the romantic ones but the foundation of all relationships is FRIENDSHIP. Without friendship, you won’t hear the sound of wedding bells, without friendship there won’t be that understanding between a mother and her child, without friendship there won’t be trust between co-workers and it’s also the first type of connection between man and God, if you remember very well for those who read their bible.
We all know the popular saying “NO MAN IS AN ISLAND “, so we all need friends in our daily life.
Friends in our family, some that become family they stick with us through thick and thin for the rest of our lives, some we let go due to some unwanted circumstances, some bring us joy while others bring us sorrow, impacting positively and negatively.
In anyway we get to befriend someone, we learn something: the good, the bad and the ugly.
So what can be compared to friendship, should we say “LIFE?”
Our link is on your screen I will be expecting your replies
Right about now I will be leaving you with a short story while we take a short break, I hope you enjoy it. I will be right back don’t go anywhere “

Eniola ended the scene with a smile.

Meanwhile behind the scene,

Eniola” Bayo said in a furious tone “why did you do it?”

“Do what Bayo?” she asked staring deep into his eyes, “I am not psychic so I don’t know what is on your mind

With distaste, Bayo said:“Look at you, hypocrite talking about friendship, a monster talking about friendship

“What the shit are you whining about , please stop wasting my precious time I have important things to attend to ” she shot back.

“You took my job, you – you monster took my job behind my back” he spat.

What stupid job are you talking about?” she said while re-fixing her makeup.

“ODYSSEY!!!!” Bayo screamed, creating a total different scene from what everyone expected. ” Odyssey film house, I told you they offered me a position in their company as a script writer but you told me to – to – to turn them down and focus on this – this show, that soon we’ll get enough money to get a bigger studio, we will get t.v deals. I trusted you, I turned down an opportunity of a life time because I thought you were my friend, I thought we would conquer the world together through thick and thin, I thought……” Bayo sputtered.

“How the hell did you hear this, you have started listening to rumors abi? What the…”

“NO!!!” Bayo cuts her off, “They are not, Odyssey’s production manager called your phone and I mistakenly picked the call while looking for Toyosi’s contact, he told me to tell you to come collect your advance.”

The colour drained from Eniola’s face. “Ba – Bayo… Bayo look it is not like that, it is not what you think.” she managed to say in a small voice.

It is not like what? Lying to me or backstabbing me? To think of it you presented my work, my sweat to them as yours.” He fumed.

Bayo I can explain,” Eniola rose slowly, finding it hard to get words out of her

Eniola there is nothing – nothing to explain, I loved you, I have been waiting to tell you after months of working with you as a friend. I fell in love with you. I wanted to use the money I got from Odyssey to transform our lives, but you said ‘no, turn it down ” Bayo smiled bitterly while staring at the speechless woman.
He continued now his voice hard.
“I thought you were my friend….. I thought to myself what more is there in life than to pursue the dream of my love, thinking in due time you’ll notice everything I did but I was a fool wasn’t I? Your puppet, Eniola, I was a human thinking and philosophizing before you killed me, ripped my heart out, inside me was an ocean of soul and emotions for you, then I became a robot, you had the remote, you were in control.”

Bayo….I am sorry, deeply sorry,” she pleaded,her arms stretched towards him, “please forgive me, I LOVE YOU. “

Bayo laughed incredulously, “You? Do you even know what that is? What it feels like? I gave my life to this show, half of everything you read out was scripted by me, ME Bayo all you just do is sit there and look pretty for the cameras and leave me with emptiness, I guess that’s just what happens when you make someone your true religion, I don’t blame you, I trusted you Eniola, loved you, gave you my life, my money, my time, my everything, what else? But I am a fool, I made a big mistake of falling in love with you.You betrayed and backstabbed me.”

“Bayo I will return the money or rather I will make changes, make everything right. I will tell them it is your work, give you the money, I will do anything ” Eniola said looking sober, all previous makeup mixing with her tears.

“The damage has been done, you can’t mend this broken heart, you can’t stitch up this trust, nothing on earth can buy back my friendship

Bayo please, it – it can’t end like this please forgive me, give me a second chance please,” she begged on her knees.

“Well sorry, I can’t. Once bitten, twice shy, remember that phrase? The short story is about to end, let’s finish up the show and heads up, after this production put up a vacant sign for the cameraman’s position because I am done,” he concluded.

Bayo stepped back to prepare for the next scene.
NO!! NO NO!! Bayo, Bayo please , Bayo!” ENIOLA cried out.

“It’s time to look pretty for the cameras ” he replied stoically, his face hard.” What is the topic again? Ahhhh FRIENDSHIP.”


“You see, ever since, I have lost everything, I lost Odyssey, I lost my heart. I never got called back from that interview, there’s so much debts to pay, I made the wrong decision behind the camera that fateful day. Why should I live anymore?”

Hope” the man said gently “that is what we are all surviving on. If you die now it’s gone, you would be forgotten, tagged a coward who the world got rid off, you can still conquer the world if you still hope and work towards it, c’mon come down it will be fine, you will be fine.”

“Hope I’ve lost that a long time , it’s better I end this” he finished. Without waiting for a reply, he braced himself and jumped.

The man’s screams of wait and stretching to hold him could save him no more. The cold, blue sea embraced him, drawing him deeper into its depths, far away from a world he once knew, into an afterlife.


This hotline from the state government would help you with the issues you face suicide isn’t the answer



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