Then and Now

Then and Now

I saw them then,
leaders of tommorow,
full of hopeful expectation,
focused on coming glory.

I saw them then,
future bright stars of the country,
aiming to shine bright than their fore,
given the mantle to bring the lost glory.

I saw him then,
future science Nobel Laureate,
chemical, simultaneous equations bow to him,
certain of being great.

I saw her then,
oxymorizing, personifying metaphorical alliteration,
cocksure of where she is headed,
determined to be a professor.

I saw them now,
still leaders of tommorow,
hopes dashed; expectations unfulfilled,
the coming glory is not yet done.

I saw them now,
bright stars dwindling,
living under the shadows of their fore,
the mantle has turned to rag.

I saw him now,
present bus driver,
highway bows to him like leaves,
not certain of when he will complete his installment.

I saw her now,
ranting at her five children,
she works in the university,
never thought it will be as a cleaner.

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