June was struck by her beauty that it could not move on to July without saying happy birthday. When he finally gets her, her dancing steps will change because by then she will be pregnant and therefore her steps would be flawed. Luxuriate in your youthful age now and while you can. So I say, “Keep on dancing before he comes.” It’s been years since we knew each other but your aromatic presence makes it so hard for me to evade you.

She’s a sister, beautiful, kind, name it. One to trust, one that cares and one that sparkles in the dark. A treasure to keep and a diamond to behold. Her smile is so bright that it draws people to her who will lead her to her destiny. Despite, there has been good and bad moments, smiles and tears, happiness and strife, I still love you and words alone can’t be enough to say. I wish you success and God’s blessings in all you do.

She’s a talented babe and a very rare gene. Her sweet voice which always sounds like music to my ears. Her temperament is like that of a dove which is calm and gentle. Always radiating from the inside out and slaying like a fox. Every man dies to have her because she is a real Juliet, who comes from a good home and carries unique attributes. Just as her name does, Prisca

P- Popular



S- Special

C- Classic

A – Attractive

Happy birthday, darling. I hope you like it!! Go and rule your world with GLO. Laugh out loud.


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