Listen, Just Listen



Listen as life is not a push of long jump but a gentle process.


Listen, hush, just listen

As the birds hover the sky, flying free

Without hurts, without fears

The trees away from the bustling cities,

Where fumes and booze block their trachea,

Turning their skin pale, in time, they all die.


Listen and bend your ears attentively,

To every note gently made at every drop of the rain

To the sudden whispers and the gentle whistles

Of lightning and thunder flashes on earth

of river falls, soft clay mending feet

Look snd listen,

To the moving sun that finds its path down earth, the chorus of

Flowing waters, the identical colours of shrubs and trees,

Snakes and millipedes awakening the soil on their bellies in syncing steps

The lizards nodding its head as they climbed walls and swerved into empty holes,

The colony of ants forming and crossing paths, scaling fences

Bugs, bees and beetle as the swooped in droves.

Listen as all voices come together, just listen


Listen as each seed breaks the humus beneath you,

each baby bird hatches from its shell,

Listen as the sun blusters through the foliage

and bees patiently suck from one petal to another.

Listen to every moment of nature on this land.


To the fresh air like lovers’ touch, permeating

The chirps of distance crickets, the snores of sleeping humans

as the leave bend in greetings to its neighbor

Here, greenness of leaves retains its pigmentation.

The night is not unhappy of the moon distance from us

Days are not scared to walk aside the sky’s changing carpet

Nature, painting all in consenting colours

Listen as the birds swing their wings open and perch on roofs

Not scared as there is freedom in this land, this green land.

Think as you listen to every whispers and whistles,

Every movements and motions- the crawls and the fly

As voices of different tones are raised to welcome you home to peace

Don’t pick noises, pick voices as they are made

As the moon tips its head outside the windows of the sky

Listen, carefully listen, as the leaves here remains green.

Listen as life is not a push of long jump but a gentle process.


(… written: Bodija, Ibadan-04/09/2017)


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