Heaven or Hell

Dear Bride,

Hell keeps pulling me left and right. I can’t leave you now. I want to be your lover. It entices me with so much of its pleasure. I love you so dearly. I can’t even think of trading you for the world. However, I’m stuck. I want to hit the ball into the goalpost, but something keeps pulling me back. My strength can’t carry me far. Hell is calling, and Heaven is calling too, so gently and calmly it calls while Hell is tricky and aggressive. Bride, I don tire. I no no. I won shoot my shot. I won try. But I no won shoot shot wey go land me inside wahala. No! I no fit do this. I love you my bride, to the sky and back. Let me be your lover. Let me rest in your warm embrace. I have deep affections for you and I don’t want to lose you and at the same time, I’m desperate to score a goal. Tem say hell dey broad while heaven dey narrow and few go enter am. Give me your number, make I call and enter for eternity.

Your heartbeat,


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