Everyone Seems Nice

His laughter could melt ice
His smile so infectious
So charming is his dimples
Him his wife cherishes
Longed for by housewives
His children apple of his eyes
Respect from the olds
His peers so envious
High recommendation by the boss
Source of joy his parent sees
His praise the church sings
Couldn’t wish more the inlaws
Everyone seems him nice.
Could anyone have believed
On his wife he cheated
Seven years daughter he defiled
Nights see him in the underworld
Off the boss, church he robbed.
Aghast everyone was.
Everyone seemingly seems nice
Not everyone truly is
Especially in everyone’s nakedness

5 thoughts on “Everyone Seems Nice” by Aluko Remilekun Tosin (@Simplyremmy)

  1. belle (@omiete)

    I like it, because its sooo true

    1. Thanks for liking it.

  2. Michael (@Ordeezy)

    I love this poem. It brings out the truth and theatrical lifestyle humans put on these days. It is a wonderful poem.

    1. Thanks for the kind comment. I appreciate @ordeezy

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