Campus Love 1

Episode 1
It was really a day well spent as I walked out of
Chitis with Cindy. It wasn’t just like a normal first
date. There was no awkward silence, and a
question and answer kind of session. The
connection was there. We flowed like we have
known each other for ages. Within me, I knew
that whenever I decide to pop the question, the
answer is going to come out in positive. We
talked school politics, state politics, religion,
culture and every other thing that was left to be
talked about. Her view were so articulate. She
seemed to know a lot about everything. I was
impressed by her views and I also made sure to
leave an impression with her. I hailed a cab as
we got outside the café. About to hop into the
waiting car, an “excuse me sir” caught me in my
track. I turned to see a waiter walking towards
me. I did a quick mental check. I know I paid my
bills because I still have the receipt. We didn’t
leave our phones behind or anything. “Yes, can I
help you” I said to the girl as she got close to
me. “Sorry sir, someone said I should give this to
you” she said handing over a piece of paper with
#700 to me. From the way she talked, I know
she didn’t want Cindy to hear what she was
saying. “What for?” I asked collecting the paper
together with the money from her. “I don’t know,
she just said I should give it to you” she said and
went back inside the café. I took a quick glance
at the note and saw a phone number with a ‘call
me’ written under it. Below the call me was
another line that read ‘tell her you forgot your
change if she asks’. I tried to scan the café but I
couldn’t get a clear view. “Oga if you no dey go
again, tell your wife to come down make I comot
from here” the cab man shouted at me. I folded
the paper together with the money and inserted
it into my pocket and hopped into the waiting
cab. “Oga abeg no vex” I apologized to the driver
to which he nodded and eased the car into
motion. “Were you dey go?” he asked changing
the gear. “You go drop my wife for Okeke hostel
and the drop me for hilltop gate.” As I said wife,
Cindy raised her head for the first time from her
phone and smacked my shoulder smiling
revealing a beautiful set of dimples. “Ok your
money na 5H” he said throwing away his gaze
through the window. “Ah Ah!! Oga no be 3H for
drop inside school?” I asked “You self, person
wey God don bless give you this kind babe wetin
come be 5H na” he said turning to look at me. I
took a quick look at Cindy and she was smiling.
Looking at the driver, we made eye contact and
he dimmed his eyes. “Oga na 3H I get abeg” “No
wahala sha. Even if you no carry money, I for
carry una free because of this your girl” he said
smiling at Cindy. “Ok o, thanks man” I said and
made a wink at him through the rear view mirror.
Cindy was so engrossed in whatever she was
doing with her phone to notice the winks going
on. The driver continued with his yarns doing the
‘chyking’ for me. Cindy couldn’t help but kept
smiling as the driver didn’t seem tired of praising
her beauty. My mind drifted away to the note as
the driver kept talking. I had the urge to bring
the note out and check if I can be able to
recognize the number, but I decided against it.
There will be enough time to do that. Five
minutes later saw us in front of Cindy’s hostel. I
alighted and held the door for her to step out.
She came down still flashing that beautiful smile.
“Thanks for coming out with me” I said as we
walked a bit down her hostel. “The pleasure is
mine and thanks for the fun” she replied. “I’m
honored” I said. She turned and gave me a big
bear hug. Not like the one she gave me when I
came to pick her earlier on. This one came with
a meaning, yes it did. You know that kinda hug
were a girl presses herself so hard on you that
you feel she is about to rip your heart out? Yes
that the kind of hug she gave me. “I enjoyed
myself “ she whispered into my ear. That sent a
tingling sign down my spine to the man below
who responded immediately. With the way she
was pressed to me, I know she must have felt
my semi attention. As she disentangled herself
from me, my hand went down straight inside my
pocket to hide the tent that was already forming
down below. I stood watching her sheepishly as
she walked straight to her hostel. I watched as
she swayed her backside as if she has no waist
bone. As my sight was focused on her back, so
many thought were running through my mind.
Cindy is the kind of girl that attracts so much
attention to herself. Not that she does that
intentionally but she is just too endowed. When
she got to her hostel entrance, she turned and
saw me staring at her. She smiled and blew me
a kiss in the air before walking into the hostel.
That action of hers got many guys and babes
around looking towards my direction. It was then
I realized that I wasn’t the only person looking at
her. “Oga your phone dey ring” the driver said
bringing my mind back. It was then that I
realized that I was even with a cab. “Ah! My oga
sorry o, no vex” I apologized collecting the phone
from him. It was Cindy calling. I picked leaning
on the car. “If you don’t leave my hostel now, I
will call the security for you” she said giggling
from her end of the phone. “Provided I will still
see you when they arrive, no problem” I said. “Mr
lover boy, na so I don shark your head reach” she
said laughing. “Are you just realizing that” I
threw back at her. “Oya e don do. Start going
and lemme know when you get home” she said.
“Sure” I replied before the call ended. I went
around and hopped into the front seat of the
cab. I apologized to the driver for keeping him
waiting but he replied “not to worry” as he also
enjoyed the show. As he eased the car into
motion, I brought out the note and the money. I
gave the money to the driver and folded the note
back into my pocket. He was all smiles when I
gave the money and he kept showering me with
praises. When we got to gate, I alighted and
collected his number promising to call him
anytime I need a cab service.

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  1. Lovely tale you’ve got here but the lack of proper paragraphing did not make it easy on the eyes atal. You need to watch out for that in subsequent installments.

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