Best friend (friend zone)

When you’re fucked up to your worst tone
It’s my number you call
You locked me up in the friend zone
Like Oliver Twist I want more.
He is your love, your secret crush
His presence made you blush.
I can’t speak, I can only watch
As your raw love remains untouched.

You built fantasies about him like he cared
I am shy and quiet but I am here.
You tagged me the best friend you had
I get jealous of him, it makes me sad.
If I had the chance
I’ll feed you the love he starved you
I will learn to dance
I will unmask my love to satisfy you.
Beyond our games and story
I wish you love me. I am lonely.

3 thoughts on “Best friend (friend zone)” by Michael (@Ordeezy)

  1. This friend zone is cool…but doubt if the simple diction passes the message its trying to pass across…how about some creative descriptive images ?@ordeezy

    1. Michael (@Ordeezy)


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