A mild case of addiction

A mild case of addiction

Tom has never felt this way before.  A feeling that he had lost something.  Anything,  but he just couldn’t put a finger on it.  He tried to look around him while walking hastily across George town street which is always very busy with people on both sides.  Everyone seemed to be doing one thing or the other.  Some smiling while others engaged in some chit chatting of sorts.  It all seemed normal but yet he still felt a strange uneasiness and emptiness. At some point,  while just a block away from his office,  he thought he had heard Evelyn call out to him saying ‘Good morning Tom’ but alas! It wasn’t her. Just another young lady saying something that sounded as nice as a pleasant good morning.
It was Wednesday and the third time he was walking down that same avenue to his office. He usually took the back roads,  away from the street rowdiness. It was routine for him now since he had consciously accepted that as a substitute to his morning exercises. While others did their early morning jogging or lifting of weights in the gyms,  he was just content with taking the long walks from his apartment on the 3rd Street.  The only difference this time around was that he was nervous for some strange reasons.  ‘What is wrong with me today?’ was the question that kept popping in and out of his head.  ‘I am definitely going to develop a headache if I don’t figure this out soon’, he thought.   ‘Yes. It must be that I need a cup of coffee’.
He was not a regular coffee drinker. In fact he could go without it for a week without feeling any cravings for it but he almost felt that he had finally gotten the answer to his question while he briskly got into Bassey’s Cafe.   The attendants where swiftly attending to the orders from waiting customers who seemed desperate to have their servings so as to run along quickly to work.  ‘It must be the coffee’ he smiled broadly to himself.  A young lady by his side smiled back as their eyes briefly met.  He ordered a cup of capuccino on the go instead of a regular Americano.  He was just fine with that as he wasn’t going to wreck his taste buds with the bitterness of black coffee.   He immediately started taking short sips with delightful pleasure.
He got to his office space at about 7:50am after he had finished his last sip.  He dumped the empty cup in the trash basket close to his chair.  He suddenly noticed a quick sharp twitch around his upper chick bone. Then,  another and again,  another.  He continually took out his hands from his pockets and put them back in.   At this point,  he had large spots of sweat on his forehead even though he was in a cool area.   His condition was getting worse and felt like an addict in remission. These were clear symptoms of addiction,  but from what?
Unknown to him,  Evelyn had been watching him very closely and when she couldn’t stand watching this self tormenting behaviour any further,  she came quickly to him and whispered to him ‘You forgot your smartphone again! ‘.

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