Mr Right?

The alarm rang for the umpteenth time that morning, I snoozed it as I turned to the other side of the bed to continue sleeping.

‘Sleepy, sleepy, wake up o’ Nnenna, my roommate shouted

‘What is it jor?’ I asked groggily as I yawned and tried to steady my eyes on her. Why did she have to disturb my sweet sleep?

‘Babe you can sleep for Africa’ she said ‘It’s almost 9, better stand up’ she added

‘It’s a lie’ I shouted, jumping out of the bed.

I was so late. I had an interview by 10 for an internship at Stiletto Towers, an auditing firm. It was my dream job as I hoped they would retain me, so I couldn’t afford to be late.

I checked my phone as was my usual habit, whenever I woke up.

‘Six missed calls’ I exclaimed, Mama was at it again. Whenever I didn’t pick her call she would continue calling in quick succession.

The phone rang again and I ignored it, I wasn’t ready for mama’s sermon this morning, besides I was late.

Mama would always start her phone conversation by saying ‘Amaka, ke ka ime? Have you told that bobo to come and greet us?’

Which bobo? The one you dash me? Me that I was here dying of singleness, Mama would be disturbing my life.

I am just 21, which is quite young to me, but my sister married at 22 thereby setting a standard for us all. So I was expected to have a fiancé or at least a prospective boyfriend at this stage of my life. Is it my fault my sister couldn’t calm her ovaries and had to rush into marriage?

‘Why you no wan pick the call? Nnenna asked knowingly and laughed hysterically as I joined her

‘How far Kola na? She asked

‘Kola? Mtchew’ I hissed, Kola was past tense. The last boy in my life, as usual we all thought he was finally the one but he messed up, let me not put the whole blame on him, we both messed up.

‘That one has gone’ I said aloud

‘Nawa o, the way guys just dey come, dey go, you be football field?’ Nnenna said jokingly and I frowned

I knew she meant it as a joke but somehow the laugh refused to come out. Truth was truly bitter.

‘Someone cannot play with you’ she teased, seeing my facial expression

‘Anyway how do you plan on getting to the interview, Uber?’ She asked, changing the topic

I am usually the type to take a joke but when it came to relationship it was a different matter. My love life wasn’t what I had envisioned years ago, and it sometimes got to me.

‘‘Uber ke? You think I am rich’ I replied

‘When I tell you to find maga, you won’t hear’ Nnenna joked

‘Ode’ I called out and rushed to shower .

As I got out of the bathroom, I dressed up and took a long look at the mirror.

‘Perfect description of hustle’ I soliloquized. I quickly adjusted my hair, rubbed powder and lipstick.

‘Now? ‘I asked Nnenna, who had been watching me all along

‘Manageable’ she replied, gesturing with her fingers

That meant good to go, I wasn’t all that concerned about my looks unlike Nnenna who was a slay queen

I dashed out of the house and hurried to the bus stop. Lagos traffic wasn’t something I was ready to joke with.

I got to my destination in time, and breathed aloud as I took a look at the glass building of Stiletto Towers. This was going to be first my interview ever and it scared the hell out of me.

I fumbled with my bracelet, a gift from my grandmother. It was a good luck charm as she claimed. Not that I believed in magic, but this was huge and any form of good luck was welcome.

As I took each step, I prayed silently and continued touching the beads.

Just then, I saw brown coral beads rolling around the terraced premises, the beads were exactly like the ones on my bracelets. I looked at my wrist in astonishment, it had cut, I must have played with it too much.

‘Jeez’ I muttered, looking at them scatter all over the place.

I wondered if I should pick them or leave them. How would I bend down with this my tight pencil skirt? Was this a bad omen? Many thoughts were running through my mind.

I gently bent down and begun picking the ones closest to me, but I wasn’t as gentle as possible for just then my zip wore out.

‘Oh Lord, let it not be true’ I pleaded, as I checked my zip to confirm. Indeed it was true, the zip had opened up and my pink pant was in the open for the world to see.

I was torn between standing up quickly and finding a solution to the zip or remaining bent and picking up the beads left. I was in my state of confusion when I heard somebody ask

‘Can I help you with this?’

I looked up and right in front of me was a handsome young man. Very tall as I liked them, just the perfect shade of dark, well-built, but not too buff, and oh that accent, to die for.

‘Yeah….sure….sure…..thanks…thank you’ I stammered, unsure of the best response. I smiled so hard and at that moment I forgot all about my pink pant, my beads and my interview in less than ten minutes.

This was definitely going to be the beginning of a love story, I could tell.

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    Ohhhhhhhh… the ending is suspenseful.

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