Man shall not live by bread alone

Man shall not live by bread alone

Call it a cuisine, a delicacy or a dish or better still serve it at breakfast, at lunch or at dinner time; the cravings for it lingers on.
It is the antidote to a crying baby, a muse to the labourers that work 9 to 5 and the first request of every worked up father to his wife….
” take this stone and turn it to bread ” requested the devil to Jesus – do the spirit beings eat too?
The break of dawn marks the start of a new day to forage for the animals, the birds will take flights, the rodents will burrow deep and the lions will run miles – a quest for the insatiable…
Nothing can take its place in our lives, water only comes close but plays second fiddle.
It has saved lives,
It has brought smiles,
But it surely takes time for the kitchen is the venue that swallows up all our revenues and we dare not complain. Not for once, not at all.
I hereby call on FOOD to take its place amongst the greatest of all times, “let us build a statue” – a gigantic statue, so that the world would see and speak of its greatness….
But surely i say unto Thee “man shall not live by bread alone!!!!!!!!!!!✅

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  1. femimicky (@femimicky)

    Lol..yes o! Good food is key

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