Look, I’m calm, I’m not armed
But I have a voice –a very faint voice
But please hear me out before I pass out.

Look, look again, I am bleeding
Bleeding virtues and morality away
But I still have conscience–thinning out…

Look,through the windows into the streets
See how many are clueless and unaware
Trading their dreams to politicians –touts…

Look, look well just once more
This time very keenly–the polling booth…
And see where your future was sold out.

3 thoughts on “Look” by Ewuola Michael (@ewuola)

  1. HISPLATFORMID (@Mikeal)


    Keep it up…

    1. Ewuola Michael (@ewuola)

      Thanks. I appreciate

  2. Nawawi Deen (@Nawawi13)

    This is beautiful.

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