How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

This was the reply I got from a friend when I asked him this question.

Life is full of ups and downs, like it is said. Life doesn’t give you want you want, like it is said… Have you thought of asking yourself “How Do I Want To Be Remembered?” What is it you want people, your kids, family and close relatives to say about you when you are gone. Let’s leave the death part alone, How do you want to be remembered when you’ve moved? What Legacy Do You Want To Leave Behind?. Everyone on earth got a role to play, no matter your state of life. We all talk about great Men and Women [dead or alive], we mention all what they left behind [good or bad], we take them as our role models, but what is it we learned from them? What do we adopt from them? The funny thing is that, most Teenagers and Youths live their life freely forgetting that they’ve got a legacy to leave behind.. Lets come to FACEBOOK, a platform where we are free to express ourselves, ignoring or listening to people’s view about us. Here is my point on Facebook, we all have those friends who are ‘photo obsessed’ [not that it is a bad thing to be], but what sort of pictures do we go about uploading online, and how does the comments we get influence or next picture to be uploaded. Fine you want to look all Handsome and Beautiful to impress your friends and followers, and also to get that high ‘LIKE MARK’, but have you put into consideration by asking yourself, “Am I doing this ‘cause its what I love? Would I get anywhere with this picture? How would this influence my future? Where would this take me?” Alfred Noble is today remembered for Peace & Progress, why? His obituary was mistakenly published [while he was still alive] saying “the merchant of death is dead, he made his fortune by finding a way to kill most people as ever before in the shortest time possible” this referring to him inventing Dynamite. Reading this changed him, as he went ahead to change his will and donate most of his fortune to the Noble Prize Foundation [which he established], and now we know him for Peace & Progress. Alfred got to know early that what he saw in his obituary is not how he wanted to be remembered. The same might not apply to us all, we don’t have to wait before we hear or read something negative about us before we decide to begin leaving a positive legacy. You can start now, your opportunity is now…………………
Written by Ajibade Pelumi J.R {poetic-ray}


In life, we face a lot of challenges , problems and obstacles . We also enjoy a lot of things. Meet new people , build old and new relationships ,have fun, move from where we are to new places; a new job,a new house , change environment , attend parties and events , etc. The only thing constant in all the fore-mentioned activities are the
memories we leave behind. These memories are what determine whether people smile, laugh or cry when they remember us.

Whenever a person is mentioned , our Brain paints a mental picture of that person .the memories they left behind is what they are remembered for. It’s not new for a person’s name to be mentioned and people make either nasty or good remarks about them.

The big question now is , IF YOU ARE THE TOPIC OF A DISCUSSION , WHAT KIND OF REMARKS WOULD BE MADE ABOUT YOU? funny thing is we all expect good things to be said about us. That we’ll be praised for our deeds . That we’ll be prayed for and all of that but , do we actually consider those things we are supposed to do or that are expected of us that will warrant our expectations?

It is common amongst young adults now to sit back, allow things to happen and expect good results. An African adage says ” how much input is put, determines how much output is received “. How we are remembered depends solely on how hard we work towards achieving good results and acquiring a.good name and image for ourselves. Do something, ask an African elder who Fela Anikulapo Kuti Was, I bet the first thing you’d hear is ” Hmm-mm, Fela was a human right activist who fought hard for his beliefs through his songs”. No matter how rugged he was ,.he is still remembered for his good deeds .

Therefore , ask yourself , how great would it be if you died and you were remembered to be an amazing person who children regard as a role model and adults as an icon? However , Its not all about thinking and dreaming it but also working it. There are a few things you need to consider:

1. First Impression -> hey, trust me, first impression lasts for a very long time . As small and irrelevant may seem, the first impression People have of you lasts for quite a long time of not corrected sooner than later. You may not relate directly with a person but, the way you treat other people counts a lot in creating a first impression . This is why Whenever you are preparing to go somewhere or wherever you find yourself , do well to put on your best character because , it is how people view you that determines how they’ll remember you . You really don’t want someone thinking you are bossy and rude when all you wanted to do was help out or make a point
Watch out for first impressions , it is very important .

2. Manners -> OK frankly speaking , some people suck at their manners and are so horrible you don’t even want to be around them for a minute. Personally, I value courtesy a lot
A little please , excuse me, sorry , thank you. Wouldn’t hurt. The way you talk to people or even react matters. The way you eat, laugh , etc matters. If the button of your manners is broken do fix it because it’s a major deal breaker .

3. Fashion sense->as ridiculous as this sounds , its one of those things people recall quite quickly . The way you dress speaks a little louder than your voice. I’m not trying to be judgmental here but, there are some people you ask of and what you hear is ” who? That one ? That tall fair lady that’s always wearing skimpy and revealing clothes ? ” ( my Nigerian readers would relate ). Do watch out for your dressing , it speaks a lot about you .

If i were asked what I want to be remembered for, I’d say My warm personality .more like ” that girl with the million dollar smile that lights up your mood”. I’ll feel accomplished.

Therefore , I believe your personality as an individual matters a whole lot. In our every day to day life, we meet a lot of people . Sometimes we come across people with nasty , snappy personalities. But, it wouldn’t hurt to just smile at that person instead of engaging in an oral battle or confront . It also won’t kill you if you just decide to laugh at the joke no matter how boring it was , at least putting into consideration the effort the person put into making you laugh.
And , you really don’t have to shout before you would be heard and understood. believe me, with a calm and warm personality , you’d win over anyone.

It is a very good thing to have your name be accorded with pride , dignity, respect and honour even in your absence or in death . It is something worth working hard for.

Everyday, Tell yourself I want to be remembered for good and not for evil and then , work towards achieving that goal . You’ll see everything around you working out perfectly .

Before I drop my pen , I’d like you to sincerely ask this question to yourself , “If I die or leave here , how do I want to be remembered ? Or how am I going to be remembered?” now, if you don’t feel 100% sure that I’d be for good then, do well to fix yourself and have a good day.
Written By Laurat Abdullahi


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