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What is life to you? When asked this question a lot of us has different answers even thousands of em as to what life means

But the truth is”Life has no true or real or definite meaning,Life is just what you make of it,what u make it,how you live it. The average life Achievement/normal life of a Nigerian man : #Go to school:primary,secondary,university. #Get a degree/learn a trade,Own a company or business,or probably work for someone. #Own a house or rent one. #Get married and give birth to kids,(grow old and probably die)the children in turn gets through school repeat d cycle again. After doing all this,how are you remembered when you die?did you pass through life or did life pass through you? Did u go through life or did life go through u?most people go through life with a catchers mite in both hands while some on one hand,forgetting that when you leave this world you take nothing with you.

Forgetting that empty handed you come,empty handed you leave just like when you were born..the only speaking for you are your deeds,all you are remembered by are your deeds,what speaks 4 u are the lives you impacted on,The Good or Bad deeds are what you are remembered by.Now the question is,HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE REMEMBERED?,BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY,HOW DO YOU THINK YOU’D BE REMEMBERED WHEN YOU DIE.


But what is life if you can’t make impacts on lives,on anyone you come across,if u can’t make a change or change someone’s life,if u can’t make a positive impact or change


Written By Ginika Ihejiwuru


Certainly people will cry and mourn you.
They’ll remember the best times spent with you.
You’ll be remembered with what you left.
They’ll long for you with much pain wishing you still exist.
It’s all vanity to live an unfulfilled life.

How do you want to be remembered?
Would you rather want people to smile when they think of you or, curse your total existence?
Do you have anything to show even after you disappearance?

The world is no permanent site for any man.
No photocopy of life, no replay… life is simply straight and forward.
Take a great step today! Do something real and different.
Leave the world with the best memories of you in anyway you can.
Make good moments for life. This is when you still have a choice.

Photocopy your total existence with blue prints; that’s a pass mark at least.
Time starts now! How do you want to be remembered?

Written By Juliana Orjijulie



“Princess Diana is going to be forever remembered for her deeds on earth, with her children keeping the legacy on.

William Shakespeare is forever going to be remembered for his ever beautiful writings

Micheal Jackson is going to be forever remembered for his songs and his contributions to helping the little ones #healtheworld”

“Nelson Mandela is going to be forever remembered for his fight towards South Africa’s freedom”





Here are some answers from Yahoo {8 years ago} about how some people want to be remembered……

Best Answer:  I would want to be remembered as a loving and caring wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend who tried her best to help those in need. I love my family passionately and I would want them to always remember that.

I would want to be remembered as smart, funny, a great listener, one who would keep a secret, one who would not judge, one who go out of her way to help a friend or loved one even at physical cost to myself. I would want to be remembered for my ability to share my knowledge with others and my ability to help people who were overwhelmed or scared of something to remember to just breathe and then help them break whatever it was into baby steps.

I’d want people to remember my crazy laugh, my times singing on stage, my faith in God, and my courage even in the face of 14 different illnesses that make life damn difficult at times.

I would be proud of parts of my life. Other parts I would not be proud of but I have worked through them. and tried to turn them around to something better so ultimately I don’t think I wouldn’t be ashamed.

red65 · 8 years ago

I’m only 21 but my close friends and family know how much they mean to me and how important I make them in my life. I’d like to think that if I passed tonight I’d be remembered for being a great caring friend, a wonderful loving son, and a person who if someone needed something they knew they could depend on me. I’d like to think that if I passed, it would inspire some of my friends to not waste their lives as they know that I’ll do everything in my power to make my life as wonderful as I can and enjoy everything life has to offer. Its a scary question to have to consider but its definitely something to think about.

Bryan · 8 years ago


I want people to say, “It’s such a shame someone like that died, they could’ve done so much more then they already did.”
I want them to know that I tried helping every person that came to me for help, even when it only hurt me. But I wouldn’t be proud because I never got the chance with the guy I love.

:) · 8 years ago


I want to be remembered for how kind I was and that I loved my children more than life. I lived my life the way I wanted to live it. No regrets

SherryF · 8 years ago


Hmm… I’d like to be remembered for my personality and for the fact that i was myself throughout my life, not following others…and for still believing in God no matter what happened. :)

Oooo™ · 8 years ago





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