Tap your feet, nod your head
Snap your fingers or smack your lips
Move those feet from left to right
Or front to back, don’t be shy,
Oya clap your hands two by two
Then three by three to make it true
Close your eyes and hear the conga
Now move your body in true surrender:
Komole, fosoke
Twirl and twirl like the Bayern Kurve,
Let the Gangan do the talking
As your heart beats to its soulful rhythm
Hunch your back, bend your elbows
Do like the laba laba make them flap
Swing your arms from side to side
And let your belly do the etighi
The oja’s song is in the air,
Watch your hairs rise in due respect
Dance to the one who gives you breathe
Dance to the one whose food is praise

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