A Burden Shared

A Burden Shared

feeling of sadness engulf my soul
season of distress like an endless road
hurts like bullet piercing through my flesh
gate of joy locked,its keys unknown
in the midst of my weakness, I crave for strength
a strong tower I could rest my head on
in the midst of darkness, I crave for light
a voice to listen to my endless layer of hurt
a voice from within says”mend your ways
self centeredness and ego saperates you from your blessing
craving and attachment increases your suffering
you’re illuminous,your light will radiate from deep within

where I use to take I began to give
choosing to live a moral life
where I stumbled,I warned others
helping my neighbours smile made my burden lighter
a grieving soul paved way for a heart of peace
s new door appeared, the old gate unlocked
trouble dissolved without a signal
in the midst of storm,I learnt to love

One thought on “A Burden Shared” by tobechi74 (@tobechi)

  1. sometimes in life, we need somebody to confide with, there is a saying that a shared problem is half solved, that is why we need to surround our self with good people and also know that no position is permanent, lives has faces, whatever burden may be confronting us together, it’s going to be over one day. weep may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning.

    let try as much as possible to open up with those we know that can help us out. i meant good people around us. we are there to help each other in every situation we found ourselves.

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