Will You Win Life?

The fight with life started
When father spurted into mother
There fight for survival began
Apparently you won but
That is just round one.
The bout with life continues
Gives you up and down punches
Below the belt blows and kicks
In this fight, no referees.
How do you fight life?
Fairly square or unfairly scalene?
Your happiness the misery of others?
Just to win life at all cost?
Really think you’ve won?
It’s only round two.
The fight with life continues
After it has boxed you into
Six or less feet room under-below
Where co-occupants invite you to dine
Your casket and body is the menu
Does it end there? Not really
It’s just round three.
The fight with life, you can have
Eternal life if you win or
Eternal destruction if you loose
Very dependent on how you fought life
Hence the question, will you win life?

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