It was in December, the first time I saw you,

I had seen pictures,

But nothing prepared me for the beauty in your face.

That day we saw each other for the first time

You gave a loud cry and I smiled in response

For us, it was love at first sight

In that moment I knew,

I’ll do everything to make you happy


We speak a different language you and I

Others call it gibberish

But we understand each other

I am your Mozart and you my perfect audience

My music makes your eyes light up in wonder

You laugh at all my jokes even when I repeat the same old ones

Though we may not qualify to be on an episode of dancing with the stars

I am content so long as am dancing with you,

I have lost many nights of sleep for you

But watching you sleep gives me all the rest I need

No I don’t have butterflies in my belly

But my heart grows a pair of wings when we’re together


When I loose hope in the face of challenges

Seeing you makes me want to fight on

To conquer, to do the impossible

To be my best, to be your perfect example

To be worthy of your respect

I know I’ll never give up

Because one day I want to hear you say,

“I’m proud of you mum”

I love you my little one, my son,

My Tamunobelema.


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