Silver Lining


You cut me to the quick
Bleed me and leave me dry
Words rise, fall
Crashing down on my soul
Like knives in my heart
They slice deeper
I am stripped
My bones eaten clean
Now I am lost
Nothing but a whisper of who I was
The wind tosses me like a doll
I lie broken
But one day as the currents carry me
I go into the ground and take root
I grow
I flourish
I heal
Your knives my armor
Your words harmless clouds
Around my evergreens

2 thoughts on “Silver Lining” by Hadassah (@Ebubechi1)

  1. Your poem affirms something very important: life from the ground.
    It made me reflect on the fact that the food we eat comes from the ground too. And the persona had to “go into the ground and take root” to be renewed.
    Very nice poem. I thoroughly enjoyed it

    1. belle (@omiete)

      Written from the heart, nice one

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