Not Dry Land…Only Dry Men

Not Dry Land…Only Dry Men

There are not dry land there are only dry men

Dry men don’t make things happen

They nag and complain about everything

In-excuses are not found far from them

You see them flyboyantly everywhere


Eating away the bread of idleness

In the bed of laziness

So scared and afraid to leave the comfort zone

Complaining of the land getting so dry

But they are just dry men


No sign of responsibilities at all

But are left with nothing to write home about

Just like an article of no commercial value

Empty and void of virtue they are

There are not dry land there are only dry men


So dried and void of direction

Lose concentration in every given task

Of attaining their God given potentials

The land is so rich and bless with milk and honey

But the men in there are just so dry to see the good in the land


There are men and there are men

Some men has lost it all empty of nothing

They complain about everything

Fault finders, critics of government and satiation

They talk about event they don’t make event happens

One thought on “Not Dry Land…Only Dry Men” by Okoh C. Paul (@motitalk)

  1. Indeed success is from within, and we all have a role to play in the success of our nation. It reminds me of what Kennedy once said ” think what you can do for your country not what your country can do for you”. Lovely poem

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